Elemis Advanced Brightening Even Tone Serum


Elemis Advanced Brightening Even Tone Serum

Watch out! Elemis have recently jumped on the ‘even tone correcting’ bandwagon and have introduced a serum that promises to reduce uneven pigmentation in just 28 days, clinically proven may I also add, now doesn’t that sound impressive! Elemis have also created a unique complex of botanical ingredients to support this claim; daisy flower extract and pea extract are both encapsulated with a nice dosage of Vitamin C to remove past traces of damaged skin; acne scarring, pigmentation, dark spots and even existing imperfections. Rice silk provides a natural luminosity to the skin leaving a fresh, awake appearance. Introducing Elemis Advanced Brightening Even Tone Serum.

Vitamin C has actually took a back seat recently with the release and launches of newer antioxidants but that doesn’t mean Vitamin C should be left out, as it’s still one of the best ingredients out there.

Upon application this incredibly lightweight serum suffered absorbing into skin, what I mean by this is that the product would literally sit on top of the skin and within the space of half an hour the product would be visible to the eye forming a mask like effect on the skin, something you don’t want to happen when your away from home. I wouldn’t say it was hydrating but offered a sheer, luminosity on the skin. It is recommended to apply this serum morning and evening, underneath your usual moisturiser, preferably a moisturiser with SPF and personally I would recommend a 30+ or higher,

I’ve decided to go quite in-depth with this review, purely because a dark spot correcting product doesn’t magically erase any damage to the skin overnight, we can wish but this isn’t the case.


Discolouration and brown spots on my nose which I’ve had for quite sometime now, 2 years to be exact. I’ve noticed the marks have become larger, more noticeable and patchy. I will especially be focusing on applying the serum on this area and obviously my entire face.


So, it has been a little over 2 weeks from my first initial thoughts on the serum and I have to say I was a bit disappointed, overall, my skin definitely appeared brighter and more wide awake looking but I was sadly disappointed by no major improvement on my nose area.


What I’ve noticed from this week is that the brown spots appeared ever so slightly lighter in colour and those brown spots began to break up and scatter into smaller sized brown, discoloured spots.


So, a month as actually flown by and unfortunately my skin appeared nearer enough the same as from week 3, I was hoping to see an improvement over the week but sadly this wasn’t the case. Maybe if I had carried on with a second bottle I probably would have had better results with continuous use.

In conclusion, this serum offered an overall brightening effect on the skin but suffered with its formulation issue. If your main concern is purely dull looking skin then I would recommend this product, but if you’re searching for something to banish those dark spots and pigmentation, then a second bottle is personally the best option. What you have to remember is the everyone’s skin is different and reacts to products differently so this could possibly well work for you on just the one bottle.

You can purchase your very own bottle from Elemis here priced at £59.00.