philosophy homemade pumpkin pie

Founded in 1996 by Cristina Carlino, using the power of science which they believe gives us better skin, inspiration gives us a better day. Christina’s goal was to bridge a gap between what was offered in a doctors’ office and retail and that’s when philosophy was created. What I found intriguing is that philosophy only uses lowercase letters and children’s photos’s in their packaging, interesting eh! I found out why and in fact it’s a very lovely story; “It helps us to live life with curiosity, wisdom and joy! Celebrating photographs of our family and friends, using a daily greeting to match to each product to take on a greater meaning, with clever names to make us smile and laugh, every word and sentence has an important meaning, enjoy a conversation and express your own unique voice by discovering your favourite product and philosophies…”

philosophy was actually the first ever brand to be featured on “oprah’s favourite things’ episode of the oprah winfrey show. WOW impressive!

Halloween is coming up, meaning; doors knocking, bells ringing, children screaming in the neighbourhood probably crying too and that new release of a dodgy halloween film which just isn’t scary in the slightest!

Luckily for pumpkin lovers, philosophy have created this super duper scrumptious bath, hair and shower gel just in time for the holiday season. Blended with sunflower seed oil; softens and soothes dry skin. Now i’ve only tried pumpkin once and probably never again but the  scent of this is the bees knees! The smell reminds me of an exfoliator I once used a while back which I loved. If any of you bake homemade pumpkin pie then I can imagine this smelling very similar, I mainly used this as a bubble bath, unfortunately I did have to use more than I wanted too, to experience some bubbles… a bath isn’t the same without bubbles! 

The temptation to resist using this everyday has been really hard, I really wanted to make this last but it really isn’t flowing that way… oops! Anyway I have been good and have only used this in the evening, it does a great job of keeping you relaxed with the warm blend of spices, while gently cleansing the skin giving that sense of comfort. I wasn’t overly keen on using it as a hair wash, I felt it didn’t do quite the job as your usual shampoo but then again it did leave my white towels smelling delicious!

If your a fan of pumpkin-smelling products then why not splurge yourself on this awesomeness!

You can pick-up this from your local Debenhams in-store and online here or if you’re from the US then the official philosophy website here

happy hoildays!