Tropic Mineral Foundation

Tropic Mineral Foundation: Natural pigments and minerals embraced in spherical technology helps to hide fine lines and wrinkles effortlessly whilst giving a lightweight, build-able coverage.

Tropic Mineral Foundation.

Tropic Mineral Foundation.

Lavish with skin-nourishing ingredients; Vitamin E, Camomile, Acai Berry, Guarana, Sea Buckhorn and Olive Leaf – the Tropic Mineral Foundation will give you an elegant, healthy natural glow while providing skin benefits from the goodness-ingredients! Another beneficial ingredient; Zinc Oxide, Which does wonders for acne-prone skin; reduces redness of the blemish and speeds up the healing process.

At first, I found the product a struggle to dispense as there was no instructions on how to release the product. I guessed on what shade would match my skin so I went with Warm Beige. I didn’t notice a drastic change in colour but more of a instant, flawless glow. Other shades include; Barely Nude 01, Soft Honey 03 and Smooth Caramel 04. The website doesn’t show the colours of the 4 shades which to me is a must! Maybe they might do that in the near future? Who knows!

I do have to say that their Kabuki Brush is the softest brush I’ve ever come across; 100% Bamboo, it smoothly glides over skin without the hardness you sometimes get with foundation brushes. For me this is perfect as it gives sheer coverage which is undetectable.

It was great not to have that ‘oily slick’ midday and whats also great is that I didn’t have to re-apply so if your looking for sheer, long-lasting natural foundation then the Tropic Mineral Foundation might be up your street! The only downside is that it’s a bugger to dispense from the packaging!

Why don’t you give this whirl? You can pick-up the Tropic Mineral Foundation here



  • Joel

    To be honest this sounds amazingly good. I’ve used the skincare from the range before and love the bamboo cloth (I washed mine though so have to get a new one). I have to say I’m not a fan of foundation on myself as I look made up but I’m entertaining a few friends (I’m singing and offering wine and nibbles) in two weeks time and this sounds like the perfect thing to put onto my face and a great way to see if anyone notices. The shade selection does bother me as I’m pale but have lots of redness also especially throughout the day depending on the situation (I can get flushed very easily on my cheeks). How do you apply this? Do you buff in?

    • Mr. Wharff

      Hi Joel, I too wash mine! I also sing in my part time. You lightly sweep face with a kabuki brush starting from the forehead. Hope I’ve helped.

  • Joel

    Oh sorry I thought you didn’t wash it due to being bamboo and anti-bacterial. Ooh do you? I’ve very intrigued. Thanks for your advice 🙂

    • Well actually your not suppose to but I do and it’s perfectly fine. ☺️