Spa Facial Time: Experience A Game Changer In The Comforts Of Your Home With Hungary’s Most Finest Luxury Spa Brand Omorovicza (And Why I’m Obsessing Over It)

The "Spa Facial Cleanser" from Omorovicza. 150ml. £49.00.

The “Spa Facial Cleanser” from Omorovicza. 150ml. £49.00.

Experience a spa facial in the very comforts of your home. No need to spend big bucks, light a few candles, play music that helps you relax. Everyone deserves a little me time to recharge their batteries from daily life crisis.

When cleansing the skin, learn to enjoy every moment, take a deep breath and remove all your negative thoughts from the mind. Focus on massaging the areas that are prone to congestion, this may differ from person to person, I like to focus on my t-zone, especially around the nose folds.

Omorovicza, an ultra-luxury, thermal spa brand enriched with healing waters, created by two future lovebirds who first met in Hungary’s finest capital, Budapest.

Stephan took Margaret to Hungary and visited the famous thermal baths in Hungary, both discovering a comforting and healing effect from the mystical thermal waters. Who wouldn’t want to submerge their full body in nutrient-rich waters?

Because the earths’ crust is far thinner and finer than anywhere else in the big wide world, sea minerals and vitamins are able to absorb far greater in water as they rise to the crystal clear surface (it’s a shame not everywhere has a thin crust!).

Having only experienced a slice of Omorovicza in the past with their Perfecting Lip Balm, which, in fact is incomparable to other lip product I’ve slathered across my pout-y lips, the texture, feel and quality of ingredients surpass many lip balms I’ve used to date, not forgetting to mention it’s dreamy, unforgettable scent.

The Omorovicza Moor Cream Cleanser is deeply cleansing, creamy and rich, this invigorating, lavishing wash-off cleanser transforms your skin care routine into something very special and indulging (be warned to fall in love!).

It leaves the skin feeling nourished and hydrated while giving you the most gorgeous complexion. Although the resistant to use this luxe cleanser every day isn’t a bad thing, you want to apply the Moor cream cleanser every other day so skin doesn’t get use to the cleansers’ detoxifying nature. If you’re a sucker for exfoliating acid cleansers that pack a punch, discover the Goldfaden MD Detox Cleanser here.

This spa facial like cleanser is ideal to use after a heavy night out with the girls (or boys!) when you’re fully faced and drank one too many toxic beverages. If you went heavy on the makeup that night as well, double cleanse my taking off the makeup first with your regular cleanser, then cleanse again with the Moor Mud Cleanser.

Starting with zinc oxide, a favorite ingredient of mine that soothes and reduces facial redness caused by everyday city pollution and change of weather. An interesting combination of Lavender camphor, peppermint and eucalyptus calms and cools troublesome skin that needs a little TLC. You really do feel like you’re having a mini spa facial.

Omoroviczas’ own patented Hydro Mineral Transference™ allows skin to easily absorb the secrete thermal waters healing powers by tweaking the molecule structure.

When you first apply the cleanser, be prepared to feel a slight tingling sensation, don’t panic, this is completely normal because our skin wouldn’t be use to the rich thermal-water and minerals that lies within all Omorovicza products.