Strawberry Summer Love with Peter Thomas Roth


Strawberry Summer Love with Peter Thomas Roth.

Strawberry Summer Love with Peter Thomas Roth. 250ml. $38.00/£31.50.


Summer is creeping upon us, and who doesn’t enjoy a juicy fruit scrub or smoothie! They’re refreshing, energising and fun to use for the majority of ages. I’m sure you have a favourite fruit cleanser to apply on those warm Summer mornings, preparing for you to feel energised and motivated throughout the day.

If you’re a fan of Strawberries then continue reading as I share my latest sweet, fruitiness-obsession of a Strawberry Face & Body Scrub by Peter Thomas Roth. Enzymatic, acidic and delicious. I can guarantee you an instant connection with the Peter Thomas Roth Strawberry Scrub Skin Polisher.

If you’re bored of using an everyday scrub that isn’t anything spectacular or result-driven then you might want to invest in something a little bit more special and nutritious, like this sweet guy. Firstly, antioxidant ellagic acids prevents UV damage and secondly, the natural occurring Juice from a strawberry helps skin discolouration from past blemishes and, dark spots.

With natural Strawberry Purée you can truly smell the realness of an actual fresh strawberry although I wouldn’t recommend mixing a spoonful into a natural Greek yoghurt for added taste I can truly see the younger generation living for this, and so let them, with the use of finely crushed almonds makes this sweet-tempered polish ideal for almost everyone except those allergic to Strawberries!

In no way shape or form would I compare it to the likes of a ‘proper’ scrub such as the Goldfaden Doctors Scrub although I can’t imagine anything similar to this bad boy but you get an acceptable amount of ‘ polishing ‘ going on just no gritty or graininess.

If you love the bursting scent of Strawberries, Peter welcomes you to apply the product on the body too, although I would be hand-steady and treat-wise as this delectable but acidic scrub removes excess sebum without using the slightest elbow grease! Personally, I like to leave the polish on skin for a good 5-10 minutes, not because of its utterly, deliciously scent but the unhidden benefits of using Strawberries is rather quite remarkable.