Switch To Witch

Switch To Witch for clear, blemish-free skin and get the chance to win some exciting goodies!

Switch To Witch.

Switch To Witch.

The cold, frosted winter season has arrived, Christmas is only a few weeks away and our skin likes to misbehave.

As you all probably know drugstore brand Witch have a great line-up of skin care for blemish-prone skin – a personal favourite the cult blemish stick – Witch skin care works by fighting breakouts and blemishes with their hero ingredient Witch Hazel.

If you’re a regular reader here at Mr. Wharff you will know that I suffer from blemishes weekly (if not daily!). How many of my readers suffer from spots?

Witch have launched a #switchtowitch campaign and have kindly invited everyone to join in! What makes it that extra bit tempting you can WIN exciting prizes that includes £750 worth of ASOS Vouchers, a shopping spree and a groovy photo shoot for you + a friend, every MONTH!
Sounds fun? All you need to do is sign up here www.switchtowitch.com

As you can imagine, being a beauty blogger wasn’t easy sacrificing other branded products for just one – I was literally bobbing it (!) – changing skin care this drastic means your skin will most likely yoyo, for better or for worse so I was taking big risk!

I received a gorgeous white toiletry bag which contained several Witch skin care products including TWO BRAND NEW products along with my very own Witch cloth – I was probably more excitable about the cloth than anything else! I’m just silly like that!

Witch Hazel Bursting Beads Face Wash

I wasn’t overly keen on how it made my face uncomfortably dry after use – this could be because my skin is more dry/combination – existing spots were healing quicker than normal so I did get a positive result from using this product twice a day. I suppose you can’t have the best of both worlds (sad face) people with oiler skins would probably not developed that dryness once removed from the skin.. who knows! Do let me know if you have tried this product already. 

Witch Hazel Black head Clearing Gel

Now, I’m going to be honest with you, I was a little unsure if dead skin cells were flaking off the skin or actually the gel itself.. it all felt a little gimmicky if I’m telling you the truth, although my skin did feel smoother afterwards. Quaternary Ammonium Salts gently exfoliates the skin leaving a velvety finish.

Witch Hazel Cleansing + Toning Wipes

If you follow me on Twitter then you have probably seen me tweet about being all anti on face wipes.. SHOCK ALERT! I’ve actually enjoyed using these on those early mornings when heading to the gym – they’re just quick, easy and simple to use, perfect for when you’re in one of those mad rushes and you don’t have time to cleanse skin properly in the morning – just promise me to properly cleanse your face before bedtime.. and thats a double cleanse by the way! wink

Witch Hazel Blemish Stick

For those emergencies a blemish stick is a must-have! You can literally take this anywhere (I do!) and if that unfortunate moment pops up just a dab or two on the skin will help to reduce that unwanted blemish in no time! Just don’t apply it to the delicate eye area!

Witch Hazel Mattifying Moisturiser 

This problematic skin solver moisturizer provides added protection SPF15. Tapioca Starch keeps unfortunate shine at bay, Glycerin naturally moisturises skin and Shea Butter soothes irritated skin. The silky finish makes this a perfect primer for the skin too!

Switch up your skin care now with witch hazel goodness by heading to switchtowitch.com