Eve Lom, a name that is known worldwide all because of one special cleanser, described by Vogue as ‘probably the best cleanser in the world’, now that’s saying something. A cleanser that has won numerous beauty awards throughout the years and has gained various celebrity clients such as Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow. 

At Eve Lom, their believe is that any human being can achieve that clear, perfect and glowing complexion from easy straightforward cleansing and they are 100% right about that theory. Inefficient cleansing can cause a whole load of skin troubles; blemishes, blackheads, skin irritations. What’s also important is to take time whilst cleansing skin, don’t rush and enjoy massaging your cleanser onto the skin and allow the cleansing agents to properly do their work.

The ingredients. Egyptian Camomile Oil; contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to soothe, cleanse and help reduce to the swelling of any active blemishes on the skin. Clove Oil; this flower bud grown from the evergreen tree has numerous skin healing properties, especially for users with troublesome skin like acne. This oil is also rich in vitamin A and C. Eucalyptus Oil; commonly grown on gum trees, eucalyptus oil is another brilliant ingredient that helps clear acne and blemishes while making skin super soft. Finally Cocoa Butter; this lovingly, natural ingredient improves skin elasticity and tones skin.

Only a smallest amount is needed, the balm actually goes on the skin like a dream come true and instantly melts into a luxurious oil that smells somewhat mystical, warming, with that added spice. Unlike other cleansing balms, this product doesn’t have that ‘slick feel’ on the skin. After removing the product with the high quality muslin cloth provided, skin honestly felt deeply cleansed, hydrated and nourished. 

Due to its staying powers on the skin you could always apply the product as a quick 5 minute beauty flash mask.

The Eve Lom Cleanser is available in 3 unique sizes; a travel-friendly 50ml, 100ml and a generous 200ml. Which size you choose is entirely up to you. Click here now to learn more about the beauty insiders’ secret weapon.