Formen Makeup: A global Professional makeup brand just for men.

Formen Makeup Review.

Sometimes it can be a little daunting for us men when looking down the makeup section alone acting all suspicious and uncomfortable, trying to locate that perfect shade concealer for those dreaded dark circles that your colleagues are spotting and commenting on everyday, it almost feels like ‘big brother’ is watching your every step with the looks from staff (and sometimes women).

I did some research online and found that men regularly use their partners makeup to cover up their imperfections; unwanted dark circles, noticeable blemishes and scars. Personally, this doesn’t surprise me in the slightest, men also want to look and feel good, but at the same time I feel there’s more pressure to ‘look your best’ so to speak, with the likes of constant advertisement everywhere displaying some hunky dory celebrity model posing for the latest aftershave release, it does make you wonder who’s to blame.

Formen Makeup Concealer

Every man needs a concealer (if not two!) I’ve probably got around 4 at home (not ashamed either). This concealer from Formen Makeup discretely hides those unattractive blemishes with its high-pigmented colour and perfect matte finish. Always chose a matte finishing concealer over a sparkly, radiant finish when hiding imperfections, you don’t want those spots turning into a shiny disco ball.

Depending on what season we’re in the year, our skins naturally become darker in the summer and lighter in the winter months, so just the one shade concealer isn’t necessary going to do the job at concealing those imperfections; try investing in two or three different shades throughout the year, that way, you can keep an on your skin tone. We don’t want you looking embarrassing uneven now would we.

Formen Makeup Under Eye Concealer + Pro Palette 

This trio wheel consist of three different colours to neutralise your unwanted imperfections in a handy portable container perfect for those long distance travels;

The peachy colour from the trio erases the look of under-eye bags giving you that fresh, natural appearance; the key is to not be heavy-handed with the product and only using a small amount will get the job done, over-applying the concealer might make matters worse.

The green shade might look a little frightening to use because of its colour but once you find the correct use of this shade, they’ll be no going back. Green neutralises redness so if you have unfortunate redness on the skin from Rosacea, acne, under the eyes or your skin is prone to redness for sensitivity then this pro palette is a must-have for your man bag on the go.

Eye bags can sometimes be naturally yellow in colour, but fear not, this purple tint colour shade will counteract any signs of yellow hue under the eyes.

Formen Makeup Invisible Blotting Powder

Now, not every man wants that excess oil or greasy skin mid-day on their face (especially on the t-zone area). It can make troublesome areas appear worse and more noticeable, but if that unwanted shine was captured with a brush of powder, wouldn’t you feel a whole lot happier, I know I would. This Invisible Blotting Powder feels extremely lightweight on the skin, stopping that unwanted shine. Only a couple of touch-ups were needed by evening time, considering I first applied the powder on mid-morning.

Formen Makeup is available here online. I would highly consider checking out the clinical skincare line from Formen too, the Brightening Hyaluronic Acid Serum is a definite must-have!

The handsome Andrew, founder of Formen Makeup shares his personal tips and tricks on how to look your absolute best (with makeup of course!) in this short but sweet video below.

Also, feel free to ask Andrew questions on anything skincare or makeup related by commenting on the Youtube video.