GLAMGLOW YouthMud review: Glow forth and mudify!

GLAMGLOW YouthMud is highly praised by A-List actors; no wonder its the only company to have a position on the ‘Stars Walk of Fame’ in Hollywood! read my GLAMGLOW YOUTHMUD review here…

GLAMGLOW YouthMud review.

Are we all ready for another face mask review? I think we are! GLAMGLOW – the name should ring a bell by now, if it doesn’t then what the dickens have you been doing?! Actually! I reviewed the very same pot of delightful mud a while back and gave it the most awful review.. now, I’m pretty embarrassed by that as my skin can’t get enough of the stuff! *deletes old review and erases from memory*.

The proof! I'm officially a converted #GLAMAHOLIC

The proof! I’m officially a converted #GLAMAHOLIC

My skin isn’t bad or flawless at the moment but theirs always room for improvement! I have gone back eating cleaner + greener so throwing in a detoxifying mud mask sounds like a good idea!

I’ve also been cutting down on the good old skin care by using a minimal of 3-4 skin care products a day, I’ve noticed if I use anymore then 3-4 items my face just explodes (not literally!) so Mr. Wharff has been keeping a close eye on his skin.

Created by Wife & Husband Glenn and Shannon Dellimore, known as a ‘backstage secret’ for the rich and famous at Hollywood, over the recent months there has been a lot of positive hype on social media websites, especially on Twitter. GLAMGLOW Youthmud has started to become a MUST HAVE over in the UK and I truly understand why.

GLAMGLOW YouthMud review.

Real pieces of tea leaf contained in GLAMGLDW YouthMud.

This ‘hero mask’ contains an array of ‘lights, camera, action’ ingredients, there ‘famous house ingredient’ Teoxi contains soothing Green Tea Extract which will provide antioxidant-effect on the skin that contains real Green Tea Leaf Pieces. Soothing Camomile + Cucumber Extract gives skin that instant awakening and freshness. Ivy, Comfrey Herb + Lavender Extract helps to promote radiant, healthy skin. The Volcano Pumice Rock provides light surface exfoliation that removes unwanted dead skin cells allowing your moisturizer to penetrate deeper into the skin.

The packaging is just to die for! Pristine, eye-catching + a new best friend!

Upon application with the glorious GLAMGLOW; I applied the muddy green coloured mask onto cleansed skin, using a foundation brush allowed the mud-tastic product to easily glide over the skin, applying the product this way uses less of the product. I immediately felt a instant tingling cooling sensation, this tingle-tastic feel lasted for about a minute or two and to be quite honest, the tingling felt rather excitable!

The mask quickly turned like cement on the skin giving you that bizarre satisfaction; GLAMGLOW users will understand what I mean by this *wink*. You can literally see ALL the large open pores on the nose that makes you feel slightly conscious.The scent of the product is actually rather enjoyable! 

After 10-15 minutes, I then removed the mask with fresh warm water using clean hands, the product easily came off the skin and I could instantly tell skin looked fresher, brighter and less problematic, you could probably call it the ‘famous Hollywood glow!’

What did you think of my GLAMGLOW YouthMud review? Personally, it’s a MUST HAVE face mask to try whilst at the comforts of your own home, it isn’t the cheapest of mud masks out there but from the positive results I’ve had since using the mask then money isn’t really an option for me.

“Glow forth and mudify!”

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