Mizon Skin Care Review: Koreas Best Kept Secret!

Mizon skin care hits the UK shores and we’re in for a big treat!

Mizon Egg White Bubble Cleanser Review.

Mizon Egg White Bubble Cleanser.

Ok, so we can all agree and say that Korean are hugely obsessed with skin care and the UK are slowing creeping up that ladder of that obsession too (if not already!). They’re known for their completely imperfection-free flawless porcelain skin. It comes at no surprise that Korean are the ring leaders or should I say ‘Kings & Queens’ of skin care. But luckily we always like to play kiss-chase and follow their route to perfection.

Luckily excitement face Cult Beauty have grabbed Korean brand Mizon into the arena of their exquisite, carefully selected brands. Mizon isn’t your usual bog-standard brand that offers your boring lotions and potions to the market but offers a complete different concept into the skin care territory.

What’s so special about Egg White?

Now, if your allergic to Egg White (like my mum is!) then this isn’t for you. Mizon Egg White Bubble Cleanser brings a complete revolutionary look on foaming cleansers, if your skin hasn’t got on with them in the past then I’m certain the Mizon Egg White Bubble Cleanser will über egg-cite you!

The ingredient Egg White has been used for centuries as a whipped-up face mask for its resurfacing and brightening abilities. Well, the Mizon Egg White Bubble Cleanser is the top dog purifier, purging out the unwanted dirt and grime from pores that lead to blackheads. Enzymatic Papaya, bilberry root/leaf, sugar cane, orange, lemon and gypsophila extract. 

Being a Korean brand I was expecting new, excitable textures and I was right! Once dispensed from the pump, you really notice how luxuriously foamy it is, the product instantly turns in a rich creamy lather which allows you to nicely massage the product into the skin, giving users that perfect ‘deep cleanse feel’. You can either use a cloth of your choice to remove the product from the face or just simply by using clean fresh water from the tap.

Mizon Apple Smoothie Face Peel Review.

Mizon Apple Smoothie Face Peel.

an apple smoothie for your face?

Yep you heard it! If the crazy creations from MIZON can’t get any better than they just have; the Apple Smoothie Peeling Gel is your next stop to a brighter, healthier you! ‘One Apple a day keeps spots away’ I say with this deliciously smelling peel.

This non-granulated soothing gel effortlessly glides over skin using the powers of Apple cellulose that eats away at those dulling dead skin cells whilst removing environmental stresses such as dirt and excess sebum. It’s not all about cellulose: actual Apple skins are used because of its natural tannin acid content to instantly brighten the complexion. Users concerned with ageing will be glad to now that Glycolic acid is also added helping remove the outer layer dead skin cells revealing a healthier you.

Once applied all over cleansed skin and left on for a nice 2-3 minutes, just simply ‘rub off’ the peeling gel with clean fingertips and watch the traces of yucky dead skin cells, daily grime and pollutants come away from the skin. Personally, I instantly notice that my skin looks more radiant and luminous even after first use.

MIZON skin care is exclusively available at Cult Beauty here.

  • Joel Griffin

    Such a great sounding brand. Enjoyed the review. Have you tried anymore of the brand? Is the Foam Cleanser suitable for combination skin?

  • Mr. Wharff

    Hey Joel. The cleanser is perfect for oily/combination skin. I’ve only tried these two products so far, but do let me know if you try anything from the brand, I’ll be interested to know your thoughts. John XO

    • Joel Griffin

      Thanks John. I’m currently trying the Adam and eve face wash, so will try this after. I’m eyeing up the spot treatment 😉 x