Cloud 9 Clarity – Skin Clearing Spot Gel

Aug 29   -  

Spots, blemishes and acne are a great concern for many of us, having blemish skin myself I can truly relate to the pain, upsets, low confidence and depression. You have just got to remember that you’re not alone, help is always at hand.

With so many remedies on the market that claim ‘spot free skin’, this isn’t always the case for most people. Now I have to be honest with you, there were days where I used to phone in sick before work and literally just sit at home like an old couch potato and would completely separate myself from the world outside, luckily family was at help and supported me every step of the way.

2 years have gone past and I’m still struggling with my skin, blemishes have appeared less often but the damage has taken its toll on the skin.

Now, this is where Cloud 9 comes in; the Clarity Skin Clearing Gel is unique to the market. The feather light invisible gel contains an array of active ingredients, Niacinamide (Vitamin B3); improves overall circulation, deeply hydrates while reducing inflammation and redness on the skin. Powerful Panthenol (Pro Vitamin B5); gets to work by healing and soothing irritated skin. Skin loving Camomile; acts as a natural neutralizer on inflammation.

This transparent gel soon absorbs into the skin leaving no noticeable residue or tint to the skin. No stinging occurred but the company does state that could possibly happen due to the antiseptic properties.

After a full week of use, morning and evening, active blemishes began to look less angry, my overall skin appearance appeared healthier and less troubled, redness was now not an issue.

Restore your skins natural beauty with Cloud 9 and discover their exquisite collection by clicking here

Proactiv Must-Have Essentials

Aug 25   -  

An oil control product that actually does control the oils on the surface of the skin, this super absorbent gel lotion leaves greasy-looking skin soft and matte while preventing make-up from streaking during the day, the consistency is so light that it almost feels watery when you rub it in. Best friend Salicylic Acid keeps those unwanted zit at bay while supporting the balance of oils on the skin. The only downfall I found when using this is that skin felt thirsty and rather dry. Someone with incredibly oily skin would definitely benefit from this lotion. Only a hazelnut amount is needed for the entire face, if you’re finding that you suffer more oiliness on the t-zone (forehead, nose and chin) then only apply the gel on those areas.

Don’t we all just love a good deep-cleansing mask, especially after a long hot summers day and we can all relate to that sticky, sweating yucky feeling at the end of the day. The first thing I do when getting home is to fully cleanse skin insuring all traces of dirt, grime and excess oil are fully removed, sometimes if I feel my skin needs it I then do another cleanse making sure that all the traces from the first cleanse is completely removed. I then surprise my skin with a face mask, preferably a clay-based mask like this one I’m going to share with you all.

Now, what I love most about this particular mask is that it contains a whooping 6% sulphur! An ingredient that is well-known at killing acne p.bacteria. With its creamy texture and fast-drying effect,  those zits better watch their backs (or heads) even. You can use this mask as a overnight spot treatment, believe me, it truly does calm down the redness and inflammation, so when your looking into the mirror the morning after, say bye-bye to mr. zit. As you can imagine, my skin was left beautifully matte and fresh looking.

Finally, I’m not going to ramble on to you at how important it is to wear sunscreen at all times (you should all know this by now people) it’s just as important remembering to lock the front door on your way to work, even on those miserable wet days when your out and about, the rays from the sun are still lurking just around the corner. Sun protection is a must I’m afraid.

Proactiv Daily Protection Plus Sunscreen is a pretty impressive product! Not only will it protect your skin from the dangerous rays from the sun but it will also combat ongoing blemishes with my trusty friends of Salicylic Acid and Vitamin A. The weightless, easy blendable consistency instantly absorbs into the skin leaving a sheer, matte finish.

Proactiv uses avobenzone as their main sunscreen protecting ingredient, this ingredient may have had some bad press in the recent years but the truth is that it’s completely safe to use. Did you know that all sunscreen ingredients break down during the day? That’s why you need to keep reapplying for optimum protection. White sun protecting minerals of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide aren’t included in the product so you won’t have to worry looking chalky, bonus!

Overall; a fantastic collection of products to buy if you suffer from oily to acne-prone skin. Start controlling, repairing and protecting your skin today, the earlier you start the better you’ll look when you get older, FACT!

If you’re interested to find out more about the brand and what other products they have to offer then please click here


Kadalys Musaclean Peeling Exfoliant

Aug 19   -  

Banana extract is an ingredient you don’t normally find in your usual beauty products, we are told that eating a banana a day is highly beneficial for our healths, rumour has it that rubbing the outside skin from a banana onto the face helps acne, I must admit I haven’t tried this interesting method but anything that claims to get rid of those angry spots I’m the first in the queue.

Kadalys was launched in September 2012 and was the first ever cosmetic brand to use Banana extract. Shirley Billot, the founder of Kadalys spend over 3 years researching the banana tree and was surprised on what she discovered. Kadalys develop a new active ingredient MUSACTIF; using the latest modern technology, bioactive ingredients from the beauty of a banana tree. Because of its high content of anti-aging molecules, MUSACTIF promotes collagen and elastin production. 

Enriched with green banana oil and natural fruit acids. The Kadalys Peeling Exfoliant is a pure delight to use, especially when you notice that skin is lacking in energy and realising that your skin isn’t looking its best. Lemon water is a well-known detoxifier and plays an important role in this product by repairing damaged skin cells from past blemishes.

Upon application; this fresh but sweet yogurt like consistency went on like a dream, firstly you apply this product as you would like a normal face mask, after 10 minutes or so with clean fingertips you gently place fingertips onto skin and start physically exfoliating, doing light circular motions, I could instantly tell skin became extremely soft and vibrant, skin also felt nourished and hydrated.

Go bananas and visit Kadalys hereThis is a definite brand to watch out for, I can see them becoming pretty big here in the UK.


Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Rapid Moisture Spray Lotion

Aug 11

I never dreamt of using a spray lotion, reason being they have never interested me in the slightness, anything that is related to a body moisturiser I soon walk the opposite direction, to me it’s just an extra step or routine that isn’t always necessary. When I heard that Palmer’s were releasing their own take of ‘spray and go’, being an avid fan of Palmer’s products already, I just couldn’t say no to this product, I couldn’t let my beloved Palmers down.

Light, Thin, non-greasy and non-sticky, the consistency is truly perfect for all skin types, even on the more oiler side. Nourishing Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter provide a quick quench of thirst to the skin while Vitamin E gives skin a fresher healthier appearance.

Upon application, this deliciously smelling spray lotion instantly provides skin moisture, without over moisturising the skin as many standard body moisturisers do. With its distinctive cocoa note and long-lasting staying powers, skin never smelt so delicious, skin was throughly hydrated throughout the day.

I particularly enjoyed taking this spray of wonder on my travels to the gym, especially after showering, the scent of cocoa butter lingering on you while in the men’s changing room might give you some funny looks but not only are you smelling absolutely delicious, your body isn’t bone dry but intensely hydrated. I find it such a great connivence to have on you when travelling short or long journeys.

Save time in those rush hours mornings by spraying moisture on the skin with Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Rapid Moisture Spray Lotion. Grab yourself a bottle now at your nearest Boots store or online here

Dr. Brandt Pores No More – Go To Kit

Aug 11

Celebrity dermatologist, was one of the first doctors to use detox, sees over 40+ clients a day. Dr. Brandt wanted a skincare line that was serious and that offered a similar result to his in-office procedures. Today I bring you an insight to his Pores No More Line.

I seem to have an obsession with ‘pore-reducing’ products, I don’t know why but it must be a good obsession, right? I’ve suffered from enlarged pores since being a teenager and they have always played on my mind, no wonder I’m always shiny and sweaty looking, I blame you open pores, you never want to leave me alone, always hassling me. 

So, I bet you’re wondering whats inside this fabulous kit; Pores No More Cleanser; a soft gel texture that quickly turns into a rich lather once in contact with dampen skin, Salicylic Acid combats pores and blemishes, Tea Tree Oil provides anti-bacterial properties and Willow Bark Extract naturally contains salicylic acid while providing a smoothing effect on the skin. Pores No More Pore Refiner; cannot lie but this is the only product that hides my hideous open pores, long-lasting even in the most heated weathers, this refiner and primer in one blurs the most canning imperfections whilst providing an all day matte effect on the skin. Flaxseed Powder Extract absorbs unwanted shine, clever Microspheres magically minimises the appearance of open pores by defusing light.

Pores No More Pore Effect Refining Cream; Power-punching Salicylic Acid and Tea Tree Oil are combined together in this interesting cream. Hyaluronic Acid quenches skin with moisture, Lavender Extract and Parma Rose desensitized irritated skin and Rosemary Extract stops pores from being blocked. Unfortunately I found this cream too drying and not hydrating enough for my skin, even though my skin is a combination to oily. The finish on the skin appeared clarified and less oily looking.

Pores No More Vacuum Cleaner; The name instantly draws you in, what a brilliant idea! An extensive formulation of Salicylic Acid, Glycolic Acid, Japanese Rose Eijitsu and Silicone Dioxide synergies together to pull out those unwanted blackheads. Applying a small amount onto troubled area for 5-10 minutes will certainly do the trick, the clear gel consistency will turn blue letting you know that it’s done its job.

Overall; a great little set that won’t break the bank, with generous deluxe sizes of Dr. Brandt bestsellers. Take the doctor home with you and discover the full range of Dr. Brandt here

Pure Chimp Super Cleanser

Jul 25

Founded by Dean Legg in 2013, based in Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom. Pure Chimp brings 100% uniqueness to the skin care industry, adopting a natural approach and having fun whilst using the products.


Be creative with your cleanser with Pure Chimp Super Cleanser; this clay-dougn like consistency allows you to control the amount of product you choose to use, not like any old pump dispenser that dispenses far too much product resulting in product waste, you actually need a little amount of product to fully deep cleanse skin. With its freshly baked banana loaf smell, users will have severe trouble resisting themselves not to eat it, after all, Pure Chimp only uses 100% natural ingredients so even trying a small piece should be completely harmless, but on second thoughts, best not.

The ingredients. Ultra-Fine Ground Almonds; gently exfoliates the skin, Kaolin Clay; deep cleanses skin, removes debris on the surface and absorbs excess oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil; grown without the use of pesticides, chemicals or fertilisers, this ingredients help retains moisture onto the skin while containing a natural dose of Vitamin E and Omega 9 fatty acid, an ingredient the skin craves, Banana Extract; hydrating, nutritious and super nourishing, banana extract is for sure to give skin that much-needed glow back, Sea Buckthorn Oil; acne sufferers out there will be glad to know that this little ingredient provides a powerful anti-inflammtory effect on the skin while accelerating skin repair, Dried Marigold; adds a plumping effect to the skin while soothing skin irritations.

This clay-dough like texture instantly turns into a heavenly light cleansing milk once in contact with water and fully cleanses the skin without aggravating the natural barrier. I then removed the cleanser carefully with a fresh muslin cloth, skin was left super smooth and radiant. Sensitive skin users can rest assure that this product is perfectly safe for your their misbehaving skin type.

Click here and get down to monkey business with Pure Chimp! I don’t normally say this but it’s brand I really want my readers to try and experiment the use of a more natural approach in skincare.