Clarins Aquatic Treasures: Summer Time Got Better!

Jul 21   -  

Clarins Aquatic Treasures: Palm Trees, Ocean Breeze, Beach Vibes!


Clarins Aquatic Treasures Review.

Clarins Aquatic Treasures Review.


Everyone needs a decent bronzer in their life, it just wouldn’t feel normal not to apply a touch of bronzer on the skin—whenever it’s in a powder, liquid or gel form there’s no excuse not to have an everyday bronzer in your makeup bag.

The key on wearing a bronzer ‘successfully‘ is to choose the correct shade for your skin tone, now this may seem pretty obvious not to buy the wrong shade but you’ll be quite surprised on how many people do buy the wrong shade, unless you want to go for that mucky, orange-tangerine look then by all means go for the completely wrong shade. sniggers

Vichy Dermablend: The Mother Of All Makeup!

Jul 12   -  

Vichy Dermablend: cover up your everyday skin issues, be skin confident with Vichy Dermablend!

Vichy Dermablend Review.

Vichy Dermablend Review.


Vichy Dermablend had a little revamp a while ago when the brand replaced its boring clinical-looking packaging to something a bit more up-market and sophisticated-looking.

The corrective stick (formally known as cream stick) has lost weight and looking a little more tempting than the previous old-fashioned bulky packaging. These are the products to be proud of, they will also fit perfectly in any size handbag (or man bag!)

I first heard about Vichy Dermablend a few years ago before I was a beauty blogger and remembering ordering the original cream stick for my acne scars and blemishes. Unfortunately for some bizarre reason I just couldn’t get on with it, the texture, consistency and application, so as you do I sent it back to Escentuals and luckily they accepted my reason for returning.

So, this year I decided to give Vichy Dermablend a second chance; I don’t like to write off a product completely without giving it another chance unless it gave me the most horrific reaction!

‘Blimey!’ I shouted as I applied the Corrective Stick directly onto some skin redness. Mum overheard me downstairs and replied with a giggling tone ‘what’s up?‘ I replied ‘this foundation it’s AMAZING!’. My mum knows how happy I get when I really like a product, but this time she wasn’t expecting me to jump around the house like child high on E numbers.

FIT Skincare: Your Personal Skin Trainer!

Jul 5   -  

give your skin a helping hand with your very own skin instructor, FIT skincare.

FIT Skincare Review.

FIT Skincare Review.


It’s great to see a male skin care brand taking it to the next level in terms of ingredients and performance. You see a lot of grooming brands that appear to be copying one another like a child in a school playground with the same old story, cheap ingredients and limited product selection. Some grooming brands aren’t realising that men are demanding new, interesting ideas, a wider selection with a bit less ‘macho’ approach and more creativity! This is where FIT skincare comes in–a high-tech, luxury brand that offers an array of skin, body and hair care products with a difference.

Truefitt and Hill Grafton Bath & Shower Gel

Jul 15

truefitt and hill: The oldest barbers shop around creates contemporary male grooming products. Made in britain.

Truefitt and Hill Grafton Bath & Shower Gel Review.

Truefitt and Hill Grafton Bath & Shower Gel Review.


Did you know Truefitt and Hill is the oldest barber shops around. Over 200 years ago, Truefitt and Hill was born by a perfectionist and passionate man named William Francis Truefit. Truefitt and Hill empower the true nature of British Heritage. William Francis Truefit styled himself as a hairdresser for the British Royal Court and had quite the fan base of celebrity clienteles from the likes of American singer Frank Sintatra, British Politician Winston Churchill, English writer Charles Dickens and Film producer, actor and director John Wayne.

Originally the first Truefitt and Hill barber shop was located at Old Bond Street were Williams cousin ‘Edwin Hill’ helped to set up, originally, Edwin had his own hairdressing business named “Edwin S. Hill & Co”, but with the William purchasing Edwin S. Hill & Co the two companies became one and that’s when it became Truefitt and Hill.

I kindly got sent the Truehill and Hill Grafton Bath and Shower Gel; the product arrived in a plasticky-bottle which was quite a let down considering how much thought and effort has been put into the brand itself, I was expecting it to arrive in a pristine, shiny glass bottle-the brands website doesn’t state about using plastic-bottles. I’ve got nothing wrong with companies using plastic but if you’re going to be spending £15.00 on a shower gel you would expect it not to just smell amazing but to look the part too and unfortunately, this is where Truefitt and Hill fell.

On a positive note! With its invigorating deep-cleansing fragrance that lasts on the skin several hours after is sure to catch the females (or male) attention from an overcrowded party.

Truefitt and Hill Grafton Bath & Shower Gel is available to by directly at Mankind here. Truefitt & Hill also have a large selection of other male grooming products such as vitamin shampoos, luxury shaving soaps, fragrances and skincare.

Listen Up Guys! 3 Main Worries Of A Modern Man.

Jul 8

The modern man has plenty to worry about. As well as fears over money, jobs and relationships, the male of the species is fretting over an array of health issues. Here are three common concerns among men today.

HAir loss

Worries Of The Modern Man: Hair Loss, Weight Gain And Erectile Dysfunction.

A full head of healthy locks is associated with youth and beauty, and so it’s no surprise that when a modern man starts to shed their tresses, alarm bells can ring. If you’re losing your hair, rest assured you’re not alone. In the UK alone, it’s thought that around 6.5 million men are affected by a type of hair loss known as male pattern baldness. The condition is triggered by a genetic disorder that causes testosterone to be converted into the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which has an adverse effect on hair follicles. As health experts Online Doctor Lloyds Pharmacy note, most men experience this type of hair loss to some degree by the time they reach their 60s, but some men start to see these effects as early as their 20s and 30s.
The good news is, treatments are available. The most effective of these is finasteride, which is more commonly known under the brand name Propecia. It works by blocking the effects of DHT, but bear in mind that it usually takes between three and six months before any effect is seen and hair will usually begin to fall out again if treatment is stopped.