Formen Makeup Review: Makeup For Men? Hell Yeah!

May 21   -  

Formen Makeup: A global Professional makeup brand just for men.

Formen Makeup Review.

Sometimes it can be a little daunting for us men when looking down the makeup section alone acting all suspicious and uncomfortable, trying to locate that perfect shade concealer for those dreaded dark circles that your colleagues are spotting and commenting on everyday, it almost feels like ‘big brother’ is watching your every step with the looks from staff (and sometimes women).

I did some research online and found that men regularly use their partners makeup to cover up their imperfections; unwanted dark circles, noticeable blemishes and scars. Personally, this doesn’t surprise me in the slightest, men also want to look and feel good, but at the same time I feel there’s more pressure to ‘look your best’ so to speak, with the likes of constant advertisement everywhere displaying some hunky dory celebrity model posing for the latest aftershave release, it does make you wonder who’s to blame.

be Genki Review: Your Very Own At Home Spa Experience!

May 12   -  

be genki: natural, organic body care products that your just gonna love!

be Genki

Today we’re talking about the popular fan boy Japanese word genki. Genki in Japanese means ‘lively’ ‘energetic’ ‘full of life’. So what if the word ‘genki’ was infused with skin care? Sam Sargant founder of Be genki created that very skin care range in Australia using the freshest certified organic ingredients so every time you reach for your Be genki product be prepared to capture that liveliness fresh experience from every drop. All of Sam’s products are secured in Miron violet glass bottles to protect the freshness, liveliness and effectiveness with no plastic material in sight.

Rodial Superacids Review: 4 acids to the rescue!

May 2

RODIAL SUPERACIDS range: powerhouse, innovative emzymes resurface, strengten and repair skin inside out with this complete collection from Rodial..

Rodial SUPER ACIDS range.

I will never create a product that is already available on the market or does not offer a radical result – Maria Hatzisefanis

I recently reviewed the excitable Rodial makeup range a few weeks back here and since then, I’ve kinda been hooked on the whole ‘Rodial’ brand.

Mizon Skin Care Review: Koreas Best Kept Secret!

Apr 20

Mizon skin care hits the UK shores and we’re in for a big treat!

Mizon Egg White Bubble Cleanser.

Ok, so we can all agree and say that Korean are hugely obsessed with skin care and the UK are slowing creeping up that ladder of that obsession too (if not already!). They’re known for their completely imperfection-free flawless porcelain skin. It comes at no surprise that Korean are the ring leaders or should I say ‘Kings & Queens’ of skin care. But luckily we always like to play kiss-chase and follow their route to perfection.

The Pink Cow Brand: Colostrum Cream Review

Apr 6

The Pink Cow Brand: A company that uses Colostrum known as first milk.

theCream by The Pink Cow Brand.

It’s nice to come across something completely different in the enormous market that is skin care. New brands are popping up like no tomorrow with their interesting stories and unique approaches.