Thea Skincare Soothing After Shave Detox Balm

Oct 16   -  

A highly nutritious Soothing After Shave Balm sounds like a mans best friend, right! Well, Thea Skincare brings you an affordable but luxury organic balm that is perfectly designed for all skin types for that fine gentleman who is searching for his lost companion – fear not! This comforting aftershave balm is by your side ready to be de sensitized from smallest signs of irritation after a close-shave.


Oct 12   -  

NIP+FAB Dragons Blood Range Serum and Mask

NIP+FAB Dragons Blood Range Cleansing Pads

Have NIPFAB found a random magic dragon walking (or stomping!) along the streets and kindly asked it for some of its blood? The answer is a fire-breathing no! Find out in why in Mr Wharff’s NIPFAB dragons blood range review below…

Don’t worry, no dragons have been harmed in the making of NIPFABs exciting new Dragons Blood range – the ingredients actually come from the Socotra dragon-tree.

The Socotra dragon-tree - rare and famous, is an evergreen species originating from the island of Socotra in the Indian Ocean. When the tree is cut, thick, blood-like liquid oozes from the wound, just like our own blood. The people at Socotra or Socotrans apply the bright red resin liquid (dragons blood) as a healing multi-purpose liquid bandage, they also use it as a plumping lipstick. Hands up to who wants a Dragons Blood lipstick?!

So, starting off this blood-fest of a review –  NIPFAB Dragons Blood Cleansing Fix Pads:

I call these the new generation of cleansing wipes! (Not that you should be using wipes anyway!) a single-pad contains a handful of skin-loving ingredients that will not only deep-cleanse the skin but also help skin become plumper thanks to hyaluronic acid and dragons blood. What’s even better is that these gentle but effective pads contain blemish-fighting Salicylic acid and witch hazel, honestly, what more could you ask for in a single-pad? They’re the most effective but gentle cleansing pads I’ve ever used, I’m constantly drawn by the mystically tropical scent of the actual pads – it’s a smell you’re gonna love or hate! These potent pads glide over the skin leaving an instant natural radiance glow and – FYI –  no word of a lie my skin actually looked plumped afterwards, especially around the cheek area, It could just be my bizarre imagination but I’m very good at noticing changes in people skins, I’m like a human bar code scanner!

Next up! NIPFAB Dragons Blood Fix Plumping Mask:

An interesting mask I do have to say.. the gel-consistency vanishes into the skin making the product feel like a water gel formula rather than an actual face mask, there is also a slight stickiness-feel once applied onto skin but after a minute or two this stickiness soon disappears. This reviving face mask contains TEGO Cosmo C 250: and yes! Doesn’t the name sound exciting? Well, this certain ingredient is in fact an amino acid which is capable of naturally brightening and lightening discolouration and age-spots on the skin. Other ingredients include dead skin cell removing salicylic acid, plumping hyaluronic acid and moisturising glycerin, not forgetting to mention the mysterious skin-protecting Dragons Blood!

Last but not least! NIPFAB Dragons Blood Fix Plumping Serum:

This particular product from the range is a definite winner for me! Now, I’m only 23 but I have noticed a positive difference to my skin’s overall appearance:

1. Pores became less visible to the eye
2. Skin looked and felt like it had been injected with moisture
3. Fewer breakouts and blemishes
4. Skins texture felt soother and softer

Could these results be down to the Dragons Blood?

I would have to say.. yes! Did you know that this native secret is known to undo past skin damage while helping accelerate skin repair?

The cloudy-coloured gel consistency absorbs into the skin in a flash and gave skin that ‘plumptious’ feel to it. I was a little wary using this as ‘Alcohol Denat’ is listed on the ingredients section, an ingredient that can cause irritation or dryness, luckily, none of those symptoms occurred during use (phew!) This intriguing serum also contains Gransil EP-9: a concentrated elastomer (60% poly silicone to be precise wink) which acts as a blurring function on the skin, sounds good doesn’t it? Another interesting ingredient; Velvet Flower, perfects and illuminates dull, tired skin.

Finally! I do have to point out that I have no obvious signs of deep-set wrinkles (runs to the nearest mirror and quickly checks) but this serum sure likes to pack a punch at tackling the tiniest, most early signs of wrinkles!

Now, if my NIPFAB dragons blood range review doesn’t tempt you then I don’t know what will, it’s already a BESTSELLER! You can buy the newly launched range from NIP+FAB Website here.

Tried & Tested: Face Masks that work

Oct 3   -  

Tried & Tested: Face Masks that work

So you’re looking for a decent face mask? Well, you have come to the right place here at Mr. Wharff. As we all know face masks come in all different shapes, smells and sizes and I have been lucky enough to have tested quite a few to give you my recommendation on which actually do their job, properly. Masks also give you that relaxed pampering-feel which we all need from time-to-time and especially if you’re in a nice, hot bubbly bath!

Whenever you’re after a spot-killer, rehydration or a youthful radiance booster I have it covered from head-to-toe.

Well, hello there Anatomicals!

Sep 28   -  

A beauty brand that doesn’t do simple, bland packaging or boring catch phases – Anatomical are different, they like to get straight to the point with no miss-behaving or any misconceptions.

Their full range of uni-sex products will for sure catch the glimpse of our eyes with their bright, funky packaging and hilarious titles like ‘farewell the scarlet pimple hell’. If you haven’t come across the comic brand already then I would be very surprised that you haven’t – Anatomicals are flooding supermarkets with their wallet-friendly groovy products.

Elemis Hydra Range

Sep 25

Elemis Hydra Range

Elemis have just upped their game and released 3 brand new spanking creams; Hydra-Balance, Hydra-Boost and Hydra-Nourish, it’s all going hydra at Elemis HQ and I’ve got a sneaky suspicion that these aren’t the only products or “product” Elemis have under wraps. I have two of the newly released products literally at my side and I’ve been testing them for a good 2-3 weeks, my honest verdict is now in!


Sep 12

Two extremely powerful serums have landed and may I say very exciting but interesting ones too. Created by Robyn Opie; a lady who once had a fine jewellery company with 11 full-time exclusive designers working for her. Robyn then worked in a male dominating area with logistics and operations in Australia, Robyn has also had several job roles since then from working in the horse racing industry to being in the film industry landing many film features contracts with the likes of Notting hill to combining medical and cosmetic foot treatments, Robyn is now a specialist clinic owner in London with film industry and sports professional clientage. What one busy lady! But that isn’t over, allow me to introduced you to ZV².