Clinique Repairwear Sculpting Night Cream

Jan 13   -  

Clinique Repairwear Sculpting Night Cream combats sagging skin with 8 strengthening anti-ageing ingredients.

Clinique Repairwear Sculpting Night Cream.I can see this year becoming quite focused on ‘contouring + highlighting’ and ‘sculpting’. With the likes of Kim Kardashian showing us her makeup secrets and contouring techniques whilst there is articles all over the web showing us ‘how to’s’ on looking flawless like Kim herself, it didn’t surprise me that brands like Clinique were starting to bring out their own sculpting + highlighting products.

Vichy Normaderm Night Detox Cream review

Dec 7   -  

Vichy Normaderm Night Detox CREAM was created specially for blemish-prone skin that targets excess sebum production + blemishes while you’re fast asleep.

VICHY Normaderm Night Detox Cream.

VICHY Normaderm Night Detox Cream.

Now if your skin is like mine first thing in the morning, no matter what product you applied last you always end up looking extremely greasy + shiny like a disco ball (not literally!) in the morning – no forgetting to mention that slick uncomfortable feel on the skin too!

Estee Lauder EE Range

Jan 28

Estee Lauder EE range promises to even out skin tone by breaking the vicious cycle that may lead to hyper pigmentation + dark spots.

Estee Lauder EE Enlighten Even Skintone Corrective Creme.

Estee Lauder EE Enlighten Dark Spot Correcting Night Serum.

I feel like I’m back at nursery learning the alphabet all over again with all these BB, CC, DD (now!) EE creams, my brain just wouldn’t cope with anymore alphabet creams (not yet anyway!).

Bodhi & Birch Ylang-Ylang Incensa Bath & Shower Therapy

Dec 24
Bodhi & Birch Ylang-Ylang Incensa Bath & Shower Therapy.

Bodhi & Birch Ylang-Ylang Incensa Bath & Shower Therapy.


Using traditional botanical remedies inspired from the eastern + western skin care. The founder + alchemist Elijah Choo wanted a truly Eco-luxury range that was formulated without the use of synthetic ingredients. Each and every Ingredient from the entire Bodhi & Birch range is ethically sourced from sustainable origins.

The Bodhi & Birch Ylang-Ylang Incensa Bath & Shower Therapy; suitable for all skin types the light oil consistency gently foams onto the skin once in contact with water without the use of SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate) but instead uses the natural cleansing powers of pure coconut oil. Lactic Acid (from beet sugar) restores hydration levels while improving skins overall texture.

If you already love your normal shower gel scent then this could be your new favourite!

The sensual, warming scent of Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine, Lavender, Honeysuckle and Red Mandarin all work in harmony to deliver this most captivating, intoxicating scent that really does make you feel pure luxury.

You can definitely tell that a lot of thought and effort has been put into this product and not just rushed.

I particularly enjoy using the Bodhi & Birch Ylang-Ylang Incensa Bath & Shower Therapy after those stressful work days where you need something special (other than your usual showed gel!) to help calm and de-stress the mind.

You can purchased the Bodhi & Birch Ylang-Ylang Incense Bath & Shower Therapy from Regal Gentleman here

Switch To Witch

Nov 23

Switch To Witch for clear, blemish-free skin and get the chance to win some exciting goodies!

Switch To Witch.

Switch To Witch.

The cold, frosted winter season has arrived, Christmas is only a few weeks away and our skin likes to misbehave.

As you all probably know drugstore brand Witch have a great line-up of skin care for blemish-prone skin – a personal favourite the cult blemish stick – Witch skin care works by fighting breakouts and blemishes with their hero ingredient Witch Hazel.