DECIEM Fountain: Addictive, Drinkable, Supplements.

Sep 22   -  
DECIEM Fountain Beauty Suppliments

DECIEM Fountain: easily addictive, body goodness liquid supplements that you’ll be hooked on from the very first sip.

We all know how important it is to take multivitamins daily, after all vitamins and mineral are vital for our bodies, they help us to function correctly from the inside and out, but sometimes we neglect what ‘other’ supplements we can take alongside our day-to-day multivitamins.


DECIEM Fountain Review.

DECIEM Fountain Review.

Clarins Body Tonic Treatment Oil Overview

Sep 21   -  

If there was 1 body oil I would always go back to, It would have to be Clarins body Tonic Firming Treatment Oil

There’s nothing quite nourishing and ultra moisturising as a body oil, they can also have many uses; as an indulgence bath oil, glossy hair oil, a perfume when your on the go or, purely a fabulous body oil—there’s always a body oil for everyone, and I feel Clarins offers that.

Korres Black Pine Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream Overview

Sep 22

Korres Black Pine Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream: probably the best smelling thing since Chanel, Seriously!


Korres Black Pine Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream Overview.

Korres Black Pine Anti-Wrinkle Day Cream Overview.


I can assure you this jar screams ‘open me!’ upon eye contact.. don’t you agree?

I’m certain this is probably the most gorgeous smelling pot of cream I’ve sniffed to date, now that’s saying something. In fact, all the products I’ve purchased from Korres have smelt absolutely out of this world. I once discovered the brand Korres in my local TK MAXX store around a year ago and I was stunned at how detailed and inviting on the brands unique, eye-catching packaging.

Maxi Nutrition Prolean Overview + Q & A Time

Sep 11


Maxi Nutrition Promax Lean Powder Review.


If you’re a newbie to fitness then a great brand to introduce your body to is Maxi Nutrition formally known as Maxi Muscle. Maxi Nutrition is the UK’s & Europe’s #1 protein and is widely known around the globe for their high-performance, no-nonsense protein shakes, with 3 great tasting flavours Strawberry, Chocolate, and my favourite! Banana. With science-proven formulations that delivers the best possible nutrition intake that your body craves after an intense session at the gym.

ZEOS For Men: Get Stripping!

Sep 6

zeos for men: reveal the more, sexier you with painless-free waxing.


ZEOS For Men Waxing Kit review.


Hands up if you ever get that awful prickly, stubble re-growth on the body when you decide to take the plunged and shave with a normal razor? Suitable for all skin types even sensitive skin! This uber cool, grooming waxing kit is perfect for any modern man that’s wanting a boost of body confidence.

When an intriguing ZEOS for men waxing kit landed on my doorstep you cannot imagine what was going through my nervous precious head—I’ve never ever! waxed before and quite honestly haven’t felt the need to, so with no experience in waxing before I was probably in for a nice treat sniggers.