Dr Organic Snail Gel Range

Feb 25   -  

All hail for the snail! new Dr Organic Snail Gel range is a revelation!


Dr Organic Snail Gel RangeProbably most of my readers will be thinking ‘ewwwww’ ‘snail gel’ but after reading my verdict on Dr. Organic’s Snail Gel range I’m pretty certain you won’t be thinking ‘ewwwww’ anymore…

Well, if its good enough for the likes of Ashley Roberts then surely we’re in for a big treat. Sales actually soared by 700% when the public found out that ex Pussycat Doll Ashley Roberts was applying snail slime on her skin, no wonder her skin is constantly flawless.


Feb 14
Transform Blogger Event.

A very special Transform Blogger Event where bloggers were able to experience and see non-surgical procedures live.

A few months back I was invited down to London for a bloggers event (my first event!) by Transform the cosmetic company.

Having considered cosmetic surgery myself in the past for a tummy tuck due to excess skin on the abdominal area (which I’m still planning!) I felt that this event would not only benefit me by getting to know the company but also bring something different to www.mr-wharff.com other than reviews.


Feb 10

Girls & boys, aren’t we forever searching for a cleanser that offers deep cleansing + hydration? What if that dream cleanser was packed with skin quenching hyaluronic acid..Bio-Essence.

One of Singapore’s newest trend! Perfect for all skin types (especially drier skins) Bio-Essence captures skin loving ingredients like plumping hyaluronic acid and skin-protecting cranberry extract. Bio-Essense is going to be BIG NEWS this year.

GLAMGLOW YouthMud review: Glow forth and mudify!

Feb 9

GLAMGLOW YouthMud review.

GLAMGLOW YouthMud is highly praised by A-List actors; no wonder its the only company to have a position on the ‘Stars Walk of Fame’ in Hollywood! read my GLAMGLOW YOUTHMUD review here…

Are we all ready for another face mask review? I think we are! GLAMGLOW – the name should ring a bell by now, if it doesn’t then what the dickens have you been doing?! Actually! I reviewed the very same pot of delightful mud a while back and gave it the most awful review.. now, I’m pretty embarrassed by that as my skin can’t get enough of the stuff! *deletes old review and erases from memory*.

The proof! I'm officially a converted #GLAMAHOLIC

The proof! I’m officially a converted #GLAMAHOLIC

Estee Lauder EE Range

Jan 28

Estee Lauder EE range promises to even out skin tone by breaking the vicious cycle that may lead to hyper pigmentation + dark spots.

Estee Lauder EE Enlighten Even Skintone Corrective Creme.

Estee Lauder EE Enlighten Dark Spot Correcting Night Serum.

I feel like I’m back at nursery learning the alphabet all over again with all these BB, CC, DD (now!) EE creams, my brain just wouldn’t cope with anymore alphabet creams (not yet anyway!).

Clinique Repairwear Sculpting Night Cream

Jan 13

Clinique Repairwear Sculpting Night Cream combats sagging skin with 8 strengthening anti-ageing ingredients.

Clinique Repairwear Sculpting Night Cream.I can see this year becoming quite focused on ‘contouring + highlighting’ and ‘sculpting’. With the likes of Kim Kardashian showing us her makeup secrets and contouring techniques whilst there is articles all over the web showing us ‘how to’s’ on looking flawless like Kim herself, it didn’t surprise me that brands like Clinique were starting to bring out their own sculpting + highlighting products.