Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint

Nov 18   -  

The Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint is the ideal complexion perfecter if you’re not wanting
that full make-up look.

Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint

Okay, so the Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint has been out for quite sometime now around 3 years. I’m always on the search for a bit of cover for my face as I’m prone to discolouration + acne scarring. I always seem to stumble on a product that doesn’t quite give enough cover so it ends up going into Mum’s beauty basket, yes! A beauty basket filled with unused products and numerous tubes of those conditioning glosses that never seem to get used – I should start selling them!

Clarins Men Anti-Fatigue Eye Serum

Nov 16   -  

Clarins Men Anti-Fatigue Eye Serum promises a reduction in puffy eyes and dark circles.

Clarins Men Anti-Fatigue Eye Serum

I’ve never really paid much attention to eye serums/gels but recently I’ve seemed to develop that dreaded dark circle look, age must be creeping up on me! Whats even worse, work colleagues have mentioned to me that I’m looking tired (even before I start work!) runs to the bathroom and applies concealer

This well formulated Clarins Men Anti-Fatigue Eye Serum is completely fragrance-free and works a treat by instantly waking up those tired looking eyes and reducing that unwanted puffiness, you only need a pin size amount of the product for both sides, or if you have that 5-10 minute spare in the morning (normally I don’t but make the time) add double the amount of product and apply the ClarinsMen Anti-Fatigue Eye Serum as an eye gel mask, genius!

(Obviously!) you apply this serum with gentle patting motions under the eye area using your index finger because it has the lightest touch (did you know that?) – this serum/gel doesn’t leave that tacky, sticking finish to the skin which is a bonus! The Clarins Men Anti-Fatigue Eye Serum absorbs slowing whilst leaving skin refreshed, relaxed and awake, I think it’s time to say bye bye to dark circles and tired-looking eyes!


If you’re a polish reader here at Mr. Wharff you’ll probably know what Bison Grass is (no offence by all means!) the polish[ use << bison grass >> in their vodka to add that extra flavour and is believed to grand youthfulness! makes bison grass vodka apart from making vodkas from this plant ingredient Bison Grass also has a positive effect on mens skin by energizing cells and blood vessel toning properties.


Known as the “forty coins tree” because of its golden leaves which fall in autumn, the leaves are actually full of antioxidants that block the formation of free radicals – who would have thought that a single leave could hold so much power! Ginkgo Biloba helps simulate blood flow while preventing cell membrane per oxidation which can cause skin ageing and damage (what a clever ingredient!)


Simulating and nutritional, this root originated from Asia and is shown to be very effected against wrinkles because of its intelligent and boosting skin-firming abilities! You will be surprised on how many products contain Ginseng as an ingredient: Clarins Eye Revive Beauty Flash and Sensitive Day Cream both contain the root ingredient. If dark circles are your main concern then the draining effect of Ginseng Extract has on the skin will reduce those unwanted bags in no time!


This particular ingredient is brilliant at soothing + healing irritated skin because it’s naturally high in Silicic Acid. Silicic Acid is white in substance and is a compound of silicon, oxygen and hydrogen, best known as hydrated silica. While rich in proteins and beta-glucan, Oat Kernal Extract is ultra-calming on the skin making this a perfect ingredient for sore, tired-looking eyes.

Some people will say that eye serums are unnecessary and a waste of money but if those people want to slather on excessive amounts of heavily fragrances creams under their eyes then let them be – just don’t come running to me when your eye area is feeling itchy, red and sore. Eye serum/gels/creams were created for a reason. Skin under the eye area is completely different to other parts of skin on the body in terms of texture, thickness and sensitivity.

Minimise the look of fatigue and banish those dark circles with Clarins Men Anti-Fatigue Eye Serum. Available here from Clarins.


Nov 10   -  

Elemis Love Your Skin Giveaway – a big treat for all my supportive readers.  

 My good friends at Elemis are set to launch an EXCLUSIVE Elemis Love Your Skin Face & Body Collection over on QVC starting from the 15th November at 8pm! Luck has risen and I’ve been able to giveaway one of these sets just for one lovely reader.. it’s a way to say a big thank you for all your help and support over the past 2 years ♡.

Crystal Clear Lift Away the Years

Nov 7

Crystal cLEAR LIFT AWAY tHE YEARS promises to give users A YOUNGER LOOKING, MORE FIRMER TONED SKIN. But does it work? 

Crystal Clear Lift Away the Years.

A device that has been specially created to lift, tone and simulate the skin. Crystal Clear Lift Away the Years works by simulating the muscles by vibrations from the device resulting in a more younger looking less-wrinkled you. This effect isn’t all down to the magic device alone, Crystal Clear Skin care wanted to go that extra step forward by introducing an intensifying Anti-Ageing Serum to accommodate the Lift Away The Years device.

Proactiv Plus

Oct 28

Meet the new and improved Proactiv Plus!

Proactiv Plus.

Spots, zits, blemishes and acne all fall under the same umbrella that millions of us suffer from every single day, some people are very lucky and get that odd spot once a month but unfortunately, there are sufferers in the world like myself that get the pesky things daily.

High street shops are flooded with anti-spot washes, gels, creams and lotions that truly makes me wonder how on earth can a customer decide on what product/brand to trust? There are so many harsh products lurking on those dusty shelfs and unfortunately you are a target of those products.

But rest assure! Help is at hand with the latest innovation from Proactiv, introducing Proactiv+. Thats right, the makers of Proactiv Katie Rodan, M.D and Kathy Fields, M.D have been cooking up a new recipe and have taken the old formulation of Proactiv to the next level. Well, Proactiv was first released in 1995 as a subscription basis only – I do think it’s about time for a little upgrade, don’t you?

Cloud 9 Skin Rehab Scar Minimising Cream

Oct 23


Cloud 9 Skin Rehab Scar Minimising Cream

If you’re looking for a scar repair cream then you have come to the right place. Cloud 9 Skin Solutions have a unique minimising scar cream from their intriguing line of potions and lotions. Scars can vary depending on the injury and cannot be removed permanently but there is always a treatment available when or if that unfortunate injury happens.