Proactiv Must-Have Essentials by Mr. Wharff


Proactiv Must-Have Essentials

An oil control product that actually does control the oils on the surface of the skin, this super absorbent gel lotion leaves greasy-looking skin soft and matte while preventing make-up from streaking during the day, the consistency is so light that it almost feels watery when you rub it in. Best friend Salicylic Acid keeps those unwanted zit at bay while supporting the balance of oils on the skin. The only downfall I found when using this is that skin felt thirsty and rather dry. Someone with incredibly oily skin would definitely benefit from this lotion. Only a hazelnut amount is needed for the entire face, if you’re finding that you suffer more oiliness on the t-zone (forehead, nose and chin) then only apply the gel on those areas.

Don’t we all just love a good deep-cleansing mask, especially after a long hot summers day and we can all relate to that sticky, sweating yucky feeling at the end of the day. The first thing I do when getting home is to fully cleanse skin insuring all traces of dirt, grime and excess oil are fully removed, sometimes if I feel my skin needs it I then do another cleanse making sure that all the traces from the first cleanse is completely removed. I then surprise my skin with a face mask, preferably a clay-based mask like this one I’m going to share with you all.

Now, what I love most about this particular mask is that it contains a whooping 6% sulphur! An ingredient that is well-known at killing acne p.bacteria. With its creamy texture and fast-drying effect,  those zits better watch their backs (or heads) even. You can use this mask as a overnight spot treatment, believe me, it truly does calm down the redness and inflammation, so when your looking into the mirror the morning after, say bye-bye to mr. zit. As you can imagine, my skin was left beautifully matte and fresh looking.

Finally, I’m not going to ramble on to you at how important it is to wear sunscreen at all times (you should all know this by now people) it’s just as important remembering to lock the front door on your way to work, even on those miserable wet days when your out and about, the rays from the sun are still lurking just around the corner. Sun protection is a must I’m afraid.

Proactiv Daily Protection Plus Sunscreen is a pretty impressive product! Not only will it protect your skin from the dangerous rays from the sun but it will also combat ongoing blemishes with my trusty friends of Salicylic Acid and Vitamin A. The weightless, easy blendable consistency instantly absorbs into the skin leaving a sheer, matte finish.

Proactiv uses avobenzone as their main sunscreen protecting ingredient, this ingredient may have had some bad press in the recent years but the truth is that it’s completely safe to use. Did you know that all sunscreen ingredients break down during the day? That’s why you need to keep reapplying for optimum protection. White sun protecting minerals of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide aren’t included in the product so you won’t have to worry looking chalky, bonus!

Overall; a fantastic collection of products to buy if you suffer from oily to acne-prone skin. Start controlling, repairing and protecting your skin today, the earlier you start the better you’ll look when you get older, FACT!

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