Go Bananas With The Latest Highlighter Product By Rodial

Rodial Instaglam Compact Deluxe Banana Highlighter Powder Review.

Highlighter crazy, when a new makeup trend appears on your latest need feed, you can be almost certain another innovative trend will happen a few months down the line. From the shizzle contoured look to the hyped up strobing, the world really is your oyster on choosing a makeup trend.

Let’s go bananas! Seriously, high-tech skincare brand Rodial have recently added a banana powder to their ultimate sculpting makeup line. This yellow-toned highlighting compact powder that delivers multifunctional results within seconds.

The skincare buff brand Rodial claims the instaglam compact deluxe banana powder compliments the finished contoured look by applying a small sweep of banana powder across the highlighted areas. Rodial also suggested maximising the full highlight effect leave the powder on your skin for 10 minutes, allowing the powder to set, then finishing off by brushing away the excess.

Rodial Instaglam Compact Deluxe Banana Highlighter Powder Review.

You know when a design has been truly thought about, with the different materials and textures used, the weight of the product and overall appearance. Rodial has certainly hit the Jackpot with the creativity of this design.

With it’s sleek, professional-looking compact packaging, the eye-catching R stamp is beautifully presented with a textured body. The powder itself is pure velvet to the touch, lightweight on the skin and best of all, highly-pigmented. People who suffer from daily redness and blotchiness will appreciate the powders supreme performance. A stable piece item you would find inside a celebrity makeup artist suitcase.

Versatile and travel-friendly, this latest trend highlighter from Rodial is a must-have for all you contour queens and kings. Click on the images above to get your very own deluxe banana powder. Alternatively, click here.