Nude Magique! LOreal Cushion Foundation: Fresh, Effortless Makeup!

LOreal Cushion Foundation: the world is your oyster with this latest makeup revelation.

LOreal Cushion Foundation Review.

LOreal Paris Nude Magique Cushion Foundation. £14.99.

LOreal Cushion Foundation. Simply tap, tap and tap away with this asian beauty trend, uncover lumious, perfected skin with the “magique” of cushion techology.

Beauty innovations just seem to get better and better, over the years we have been indulged with the likes of high-tech tinted moisturisers, long wearing foundation’s, weightless formulations that we have all desired for.

When BB creams first appeared onto the screen the world went into a ‘BB frenzy’ causing a stir into the beauty market, brands soon jumped onto the BB bandwagon creating their very own version. If it wasn’t for a German scientist that wanted to create a tinted cream to treat and conceal her patient’s scars from post surgery, BB creams wouldn’t even exist.

Achieve An Easy Fresh Dewy Finish With L’Oreal!

Moving onto the excitable cushion foundations; weightless and almost ‘air like’ on the skin whilst providing skin with a dewy, luminous finish, these favourable foundation’s are a big hit in the Asian beauty market.

LOreal Cushion Foundation Review.

LOreal Paris Nude Magique Cushion Foundation. £14.99.

Asian men and woman thrive for that dewy ‘candle lit from within’ glow whereas the Americans and Europeans are more focus on achieving that contoured, sculpted look with a touch of highlight.

In recent months, I have seen more of a highlight trend over in the US and rest of Europe, I guess we really do follow the Asian trend, even if it’s many months later.

Cushion foundations are slowly making their spotlight over in the UK and I couldn’t be more excited to know that us poor Brits are finally getting a taste of Asian beauty. When sister brand Lancôme created the first ever cushion foundation for Europe, it was obvious that L’O’real would be releasing a high-street cushion foundation at any time.

LOreal Cushion Foundation Review.

With 7 luminous shades that offer a perfect dose of colour helping to even out skin colour and clarity by an easy single tap from the cushion sponge provided. The added SPF25 protects the skin from ageing and sun damage. A product containing an SPF of 25 will filter out roughly 95% of UVB rays, giving you 9 whole hours of sun protection. The LOreal Nude Magique Cushion Foundation is an ideal product for makeup newbies who would like to venture into the beauty scene without having the fear of making a big boo-boo.

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