Zelens Active Colour: State-Of-The-Art Makeup

Zelens Active Colour isn’t just your bog standard makeup range that you would normally find on the shelves of Boots or Superdrugs, Zelens have cleverly infused the use of active ingredients inside their excitable, prestige makeup collection. With the brand’s glittering “silver bullet” packaging that instantly catches the eyes attention, fine detail of unveiling the actual product by a twisting motion makes Active Colour by Zelens rather enticing and incredibly luxurious.

Zelens Active Colour Review.

Zelens Active Colour Review.

Zelens Flirt Mascara in Black. 9 mL / 0.3 Fl.Oz. £35.00.

Flirt Mascara

Get flirtatious with Zelens Flirt Mascara

Add supreme length and definition with the choice of daring black or sophisticated brown. Most likely the only mascara to contain 22 active ingredients to help your natural lashes to strengthen, repair, enhance and grow. Start from the roots then slowly separate lashes by a simple wiggle with the sturdy, high-performance brush. If you’re wanting long natural lashes with definition, then this clump-free mascara from Zelens is mascara you should definitely consider purchasing.

Zelens Active Colour Review.

Zelens Lip Enhancer in Light Pink. 50ml / 1.7 Oz. £35.00.

Lip Enhancer

Go to the max with Zelens ultimate amplifying lip treatment

We have all desired of a lip treatment that’s able to enhance our natural lip colour and volume, well Zelens have very cleverly created the Lip Enhancer: available in two wearable shades (even for the gents) light pink and Naturelle, this plumping and firming lip treatment stimulates the skin promoting collagen production whilst helping to erase noticeable wrinkles and furrow lines thanks to its peptide-rich formula of palmitoyl oligopeptide and tripeptide. Butte r me up hunny! The use of 3 vegetable butters nourishes, softens and protects. Wild mango butter acts as a light protective film on the skin, shea butter adds shine whilst repairing dry, cracked lips, the beloved cocoa butter deeply moisturises adding vital fatty acids to the skin.

I could 100% see a clear difference in the shape of my lips, especially the bottom lip, although my lips looked nothing like the dreaded Leslie Ash’s trout pout, I was happy to see a natural visibility in volume and fullness.

Zelens Active Colour Review.

Zelens Active Makeup Review.

Zelens Blush in Apricot. 6g / 0.2 Oz. £38.00.

The Blush

Add a pop of vibrancy with Zelens Active Colour Blush

With the choice of two mouth-watering shades (blossom and apricot) skin naturally glows thanks to the use of plant-based microspheres helping to enhance the visibility of the blush, the use of African baobab extract plumps and firms, catching the public eye. Zelens also used a variety of olive esters helping to soften and nourish the cheek area, promoting a long lasting finish.

Zelens Active Colour Review.

Zelens Lip Glaze in Rose / Nude. 8ml / 0.27 Fl. Oz. £29.00.

Lip Glaze

Volumize, treat and shine those lips with Zelens plumptious Lip Glaze

Available in 5 glossy colours starting with that perfect nude, perfect for all occasions, a cheeky baby pink, sophisticated rouge red, daring coral; the perfect summer shade and finally that classic rose. With 11 active ingredients naming a few: tripeptide, fruit esters, shiso leaf. The house ingredient Volulip combines Portulaca Pilosa (Kiss me quick) and tripeptides to visibly improves lip shape, density and overall volume.

Zelens Active Colour is available to buy directly here. Alternatively, click on the product photos.