Bring Back The Healthy Glow With Gerlinde Naturals

A lady who understands the word sensitive is a lady who knows her ingredients. Gerlinde created her very own artisan, vegan-free skin care brand “Gerlinde Naturals”. Founded in 2012, Gerlinde wanted everyone to discover true, botanically based ingredients that unleashed the candle lit glow within our skin.

Gerlinde Naturals.

Gerlinde Naturals contains ingredients that Gerlinde herself would only use. From the simplicity of soothing floral waters and plant oils to the exotic use of mango butter and comforting shea butter, Gerlinde Naturals is a brand you can 100% trust and love.

Healthy Glow In A Bottle

An exhilarating facial oil containing the soothing essences of skin-loving oils. Gerlinde Naturals Balancing & Purifying Face Cleansing Oil is a facial oil like no other, with the use of skin nurturing hemp seed oil, repairing coconut oil and skin balancing jojoba oil. You can guarantee skin will be jumping for joy as it learns the use of natural ingredients can offer incredible results.

Double Cleansing Is Key

The final step to the ultimate deep cleanse. The Mild Cleansing Cream from Gerlinde Naturals is something to look forward using after a long day away from home comforts. The use of mango butter replenishes, hydrates and soothes dry skin areas, geranium and lavender help to desensitize problematic areas caused by the daily outside aggressions.

With the use of pure rosemary oil helps to kill common skin concerns including blemishes and skin redness. Rosemary is similar to the benefits of widely used tea tree oil although Rosemary is far more gentle even on the most sensitive skins.

Throw away your muslin cloths and opt for a Washi! Cotton Hot Cloth instead. Most commonly used in Korea and Asia, the Washi! Hot Cloth retains heat from water unlike your ordinary bathroom wash cloth, they’re also not too thin or heavy feeling in material, making your cleansing routine rather pleasurable

Gerlinde Naturals.

Funnily enough, Gerlinde Naturals is located in the heart of Lincolnshire where I was born and raised, and currently where I live. It’s been a pleasure working with a brand that was created in my home county.

Beauty brands don’t have to be world-wide known to successful, sometimes the smaller ones can create the most beautifully perfected products waiting for you to explore, just like Gerlinde Naturals.