Clearogen: The New 3-Step Acne Treatment

Clearogen Review.

Clearogen Review.


At one stage in life, we have all suffered from a spot or two when you’re least expecting, some people like myself have an ongoing battle with pesky zits that can sometimes play hell physically and mentally. We aren’t 100% sure on why we get spots, although there are various facts online that claim x this and x that, we can never be completely certain whenever to believe the promising claims or not.

With so many brands that claim to banish away spots and blemishes, I can guarantee you that not every brand is suitable for every individual. Take Proactiv for example, loved my thousands and probably hated by thousands too. I guess it’s a case of trial and error.

Only recently I have discovered a particular brand that works in a truly different way to other acne brands on the current market. Clearogen works by blocking DHT; a 5AR enzyme that converts testosterone to it’s more superior form, that is DHT. DHT has a negative impact on hair and skin causing acne and hair loss, to make this easier to understand, when professionals state that hormones are the root cause of hair loss and acne, they’re really referring to DHT.



Clearogen uses 2 active main ingredients, Micro-Encapsulated Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid. Benzoyl Peroxide works via a time released delivery reducing the likelihood of skin sensitivity. Natural fatty acids from Clearogen are able to penetrate into an acne pimple allowing the 2 active ingredients work at their fullest. Fatty acids Gamma Linoleic Acid, Alpha Linoleic Acid and Oleic Acid provides the skin with full nutrients, helping to seal in moisture effectively. With the added benefit of Phytosterol, that helps to reduce the slow-down of collagen production, Green Tea is also included in the blend provided antioxidant protection and collagen boosting capabilities.


Clearogen offers a remarkable 3-Step System that kills the root cause of acne unlike other acne solutions on the current market that only defects acne on the outer surface. From using Clearogen for 3 weeks, I noticed blemishes appeared less angry in size and colour and less apparent. That’s how effective Clearogen is.

Clearogen Review.


We all like a good foaming cleanser, and there’s nothing better than applying a bubbly rich foaming cleanser on an evening basis when skin is craving a much-needed deep cleanse. Its non-drying formula allows you to apply the foam cleanser twice a day, morning and evening without the worry of skin irritation from the active ingredients. Now, if you’re a fan of ‘herby’ smells then the Clearogen foamy cleanser will tick all your correct boxes, personally, I find the scent quite relaxing and exhilarating.


Some say toners are an absolute must, others say they’re completely pointless and a waste of money. How I see toners, if your cleanser isn’t a milk or cream type of cleanser then I would recommend using an appropriate toner afterwards, purely because I always find soap based cleansers a bugger to remove so I like to apply a suitable toner over my face with a cotton pad to remove any excess product residue. It’s wise pointing out that Clearogen contains 0% harmful detergents, so by using the marvellous clarifying toner from Clearogen, skin is going to receive its full potential from the pore-unblocking active ingredients by increasing skin renewal and blocking DHT that causes acne at the root.


I say ‘lotions’ as Clearogen has given potential customers an option of a benzoyl peroxide lotion at 2.5% or a sulphur-based lotion/gel at 3%. Clearogen recommends the sulphur lotion for users who have sensitive skins like myself, although the original benzoyl peroxide lotion works just as well, my skin just handles the sulphur formation more comfortably. Both lotions work in an instant, they’re both truly magical products to use, ideal for applying on a single blemish or applied as an ultra-lightweight lotion/gel, I would then apply a layer of sunscreen for that added protection from the UV/UVA rays and general outside pollutants that may cause skin ageing.

Clearogen is available to buy at the UK site here. For international/US readers, you can order Clearogen at Sephora here.