A MLM Product You Need: Arbonne RE9 Renewal Serum

A MLM Product You Need: Arbonne RE9 Renewal Serum

Arbonne RE9 Intensive Renewal Serum. 30ml. £48.00.

The Arbonne RE9 line is probably the most talked about range within Arbonne, many swear by it while others bash about how rubbish it is. Like every brand, reviews are going to be good and bad, not everyone is going to like every new product release, that’s the fact of life. 

It’s been a real pleasure experiencing Arbonne as a whole, the products I’ve discovered haven’t failed to impress me, the quality and formulations surely have surprised me (coming from an MLM brand). With its clean, safe and natural approach as a whole, what’s possibly not to love about the brand.

The Arbonne RE9 Range is infused with clinical ingredients that work to refine, smooth textured skin whilst targeting fine lines and wrinkles. Found in Japan and China is Kudzu Root Extract that is used as a UV-Protector against the environmental aggressors. Ever wished for that perfect hangover cure? Eat Kudzu (not that you’ll find it at your local supermarket).

Marine Lavender Extract (Spanish Lavender Oil to me and you) is added to help ease away the appearance of prominent lines and wrinkles. Lavender Extract is great for those suffering from daily blotchiness and redness due to the natural antiseptic/anti-fungal properties that lie inside the precious, delicate flower.

Known as the “Everlasting Tree of Youth” Beech Tree is added into the blend for its remarkable hydrating properties (no more thirsty skin!) not only does it quenches the skin but also helps retain water. Natural fruit and sugars acids gently exfoliate skin allowing active ingredients to fully absorb into the skin. If you suffer from the occasional blemish or two, you should notice a decrease in breakouts due to AHA exfoliating action of this Serum at 2%.

Your skin will soak up the Serum like a dry sponge would with water. If your main concern is hydration then this isn’t for you. This Serum is all about tackling the signs of rough skin texture, pigmentation and uneven skin tone. 

I’m on my second week with the Serum and I’ve already seen an improvement of clarity and radiance. Like most products, you aren’t going to get instant results and especially not with this intensive Serum.