Barbary Fig Oil by amelia moss: A real facial oil.

amelia moss Barbary Fig Oil Review.

amelia moss Barbary Fig Oil Review.

It feels great to give the skin a much-needed break from synthetic un-natural products, you can easily overload the skin with dozens of products that in reality may not all be that necessary. I’m fascinated by natural beauty products, it’s something I want to explore in the very near future here at, you can guarantee that the feel, texture and smell of a natural based product are completely different to what many of us are use to applying on our skin at this very day and age.


Barbary Fig Oil comes from the blazing hot desert extracted from a cactus that produces this miracle oil (also known as cactus seed oil, obvs!). This ultra-repairing nature oil contains more Vitamin E and Linoleic Acid than ever so popular Argan Oil.

The beauty with barbary seed oil is it’s lightweight non-greasy easily absorbent texture, as this extraordinary oil touches the skin for the very first time, our skin welcomes the oil with open arms like a recent found long lost family member.

Because Amelia Moss source and use only the finest, cold-pressed barbary fig oil from farmers in Morocco, you can guarantee new and existing customer’s at Amelia Moss are getting the very best from this skin changer lightweight oil.


What I found so interesting about the Barbary Fig Oil is as I began massaging the product into my skin, it’s airy lightweight texture made the oil not feel like a mass produced oil that you would normally find in your drugstore/chemist.
So if you normally shy away from purchasing facial oils then this particular oil from Amelia Moss is something not to shy away from, especially as It’s completely 100% natural, no unneeded ingredients like preservatives, fillers or bulking agents have been added to enhance the texture and longevity that can potentially disturb the true benefits of that oil.


Oils aren’t always beneficial for just one skin concern, the Barbary Fig Seed Oil withholds multiple skin properties. The Barbary Fig Seed Oil is known for it’s anti-aging properties due to the oil containing a high percentage of omega 3 and vitamin e but little did we know that this clever oil repairs cell damage from UV/UVA, environmental stresses and pollutants thanks to the oils high antioxidant content. You really cannot go wrong with a natural facial oil especially when you uncover its full potential.

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