LQ Liquid Health: Advanced Skin Care

LQ Liquid Health Advanced Skin Care: Discover and experience the LQ effect with a 50ml bottle of pure skin goodness.


Drink supplements have become quite a thing, I only really noticed this new craze take off early 2015 when brands were introducing bizarre vitamin drinks claiming to provide your body with the daily RDA, then weeks later to find themselves on BBC Watchdog (I’ll say no more). If you’re looking for an actual honest drink supplement then look no further from this page. Introducing LQ Liquid Health Advanced Skin Care.


With the use of high-quality ingredients and a high-tech research team in France. Every single ingredient has been hydrolysed allowing our bodies to fully benefit from each ingredient inside a single 50ml bottle of LQ Liquid Health Advanced Skin Care.


Every 50ml bottles contain 9 active ingredients including clinically proven marine collagen, skin plumping Hyaluronic Acid and antioxidant packed Resveratrol.


This particular marine collagen has been clinically proven to increase skin’s hydration levels, sourced from fish, this nutritious ingredient from the sea provides vital skin caring properties that our skin needs to maintain healthy and radiant.


Probably in almost every beauty product, and so it should be. Hyaluronic acid is naturally produced in our bodies but, unfortunately, decreases as we age. Hyaluronic acid plays the important role by keeping skin hydrated, plumped and supple.


If you suffer from inflamed skin from common skin issues such as acne or rosacea then help is at hand with Resveratrol. Naturally found in red and white wines, studies have shown that Resveratrol may hold the key to stopping skin ageing and inflammation (just don’t become an alcoholic overnight).



This nutritious drinkable supplement from LQ Liquid also contains an array of natural, skin loving ingredients that work in synergy together to truly provide the full benefits of drinking this magic potion. Aloe vera promotes skin healing, Tumeric powder acts as an anti-inflammatory. Zinc works by healing any problematic skin issues, Vitamin A helps to encourage healthy skin from the inside. silicon, this powerful nutrient acts as a vital mineral by strengthening our natural collagen process, making our outside look healthy and glowy. This uniquely tasty supplement drink also contains Selenium that makes sure our immune function is working in tip-top condition. Vitamin B5 and C provide skin nourishment and energy.


Thanks to its drinkable formulation, the LQ Liquid skin supplement gets straight to work, unlike regular supplements that can take around a month for your body to fully receive its capabilities. More the reason to switch your daily vitamin intake to a bio-available liquid formula. Biotin and Niacin promote the all-important hair and nail growth. To top it off, LQ Liquid Health added a sweetener for a touch of flavour.


Although the company doesn’t claim that this is a miracle worker, the product did help to unleash this natural-looking glow from within. On another note, I was experiencing a few extra spots than normal, although this was because of the detoxifying action of turmeric powder which I was prepared for from the beginning. With the supplements unique acquired taste that soon became addictive, it was easy for me down a bottle every morning, after a full months worth of drinking the LQ Liquid Health bottles, I knew my skin had fully gained the benefits from its nutritious, skin-loving ingredients.

For 10 days, discover the skin saviour drink supplement for £29.99. LQ Liquid Health Advanced Skin Care is available to buy here.