Exante Diet: The High Protein Meal Replacement Company

Why treat a diet like a ‘diet’ when you can choose from a wide-range of tasty snacks and mouth-watering meals, just as you would from your local supermarket or food store. Diets don’t always have to be painful and boring, sticking to the same old foods day in and day off can reduce your motivation and inspiration to lose weight. A diet needs to be exciting and fun to become successful, enjoying what foods you eat has a big part of you the success of a diet, the taste, texture and smell is also an important factor when choosing a suitable diet for your specific needs, if the products don’t appear appetizing or indulging, chances are you aren’t going to stick with it.

Exante Diet Review.


Exante Diet

High-protein, nutritious meals catered for each and every one of you. Exante Diet thrives on providing tasty replacement meals for those who are wanting to diet the correct way. With specifically tailored diet plans created depending on how much weight you are wanting to lose, Exante Diet has it covered from head-to-toe, helping you to achieve your target goal, fast.

Original Protein Porridge

Start the day on a positive with a scrumptious blend of rolled oats and whey protein. Perfect for gym goers that like to hit the gym at the crack of dawn, this mighty protein porridge provides slow release energy, fueling your body with natural and friendly carbohydrates. For those chocoholics: add a teaspoon of Exante Diet Chocolate Syrup.

Protein-rich Pancakes

This deliciously sweet alternative isn’t just for Pancake Day. With a high protein blend of egg white powder and ground oats these scrumptious pancakes are ideal to have as a snack, breakfast or a post-workout treat. These Original Protein Pancakes from Exante Diet are a great way to getting your protein intake, helping you to achieve your daily goals. You could always add some extra flavour by sweezing a drizzle of Exante Diet Butterscotch Syrup.

Exante Diet Vegetarian Lasagne Review.

Get Italiano With Exante Diet

You can’t beat a classic Lasagne: creamy, rich and saucy. A true home comfort meal. Exante Diet worked hard on creating their very own tasty lasagne; deeply filled with vegetable ragu, succulent soya mince and soft pasta sheets. This vegetarian lasagne doesn’t leave the iconic lasagne flavour behind, thanks to the combination of spices from basil, oregano and ground black pepper that compliments the tomato sauce. Fresh bell peppers, courgettes and red and white onions provide a tasty, mouth-watering crunch. Side vegetables not included

Exante Diet Chicken Jalfrezi Review.

Forget Your Naughty Saturday Night Takeaway Treat

Indulge into a creamy, satisfying curry from Exante Diet. Resist that saturday night takeaway temptation with the Chicken Jalfrezi from Exante Diet. Experience this guilt-free flavoursome curry thanks to the combination of chickpeas, crunchy peppers and world spices of chilli, garlic, cumin and coriander. This dish was most definitely a favourite of mine, and I’m not normally big on curries. Rice not included

Exante Diet Snacks Review.

Deliciously Tempting Protein Crisps

We all crave an evening crunch of our favourite packet of crisps, and sometimes that one packet turns into 2, or 3. Indulge in protein-rich goodness with Exante Diet BBQ Protein Crisps; these mouth-watering crunchy bites help curve your hunger pains away from picking up your favourite packet of crisps at the local food store. With 11.2g of protein per packet (25g), they’ll soon become a savoury staple in your kitchen snack cupboard.

Exante Diet Chocolate Protein Wafers

Irresistibly crispy and seductive. These velvety crunchy wafers contain a blend of pea and milk protein, helping you maintain and achieve your protein and weight goals. Because of the wafers high protein content of 15.0g and naturally filling, you shouldn’t be dipping your hands into the naughty biscuit tin anytime soon.

Exante Diet Chocolate Orange Bar

Scrumptiously tasty and filling. This chewy protein bar from Exante is packed full of flavour from the delectable orange pieces and chocolate chips. Ideal to have as a snack, pre and post gym workout or as a little sweet treat when those sugar cravings occur. This vitamin-enriched, low sugar snack bar provides an astonishing 18g of soy protein, enabling you to maintain those blood, sweat and tears gains.

Exante Diet Chocolate Protein Wafers Review.

If you’re looking to lose weight safely and effectively without the use of fad diet pills then why not take a look into Exante Diet here.