Clarins Boosters: Enhance Your Beauty Routine

Clarins Boosters.

Need a beauty boost? Discover New Clarins Boosters

Our skin care routine is as important as brushing our teeth twice a day, having a set skincare routine puts you on the right path to a glowing, radiant complexion. The top dog scientists at Clarins have created something rather unique and unknown to the largest sector beauty world that many of us dive into.

I was truly excited when I first discovered that Clarins had created something called a “skin booster”, these revolutionary droplets from Clarins are the ‘game changer’ of your skin care routine.

No matter how high-tech, fancy or powerful a beauty product is, our skin craves for something extra. Like how we feel and act on a daily basis, our skin can have mood swings too, that’s why Clarins invented 3 self-prescribed boosters, helping you get the best from your current skincare routine, you’ll soon discover what your skin has been missing.

Clarins researched for 10 whole years on “boosting” products, learning on why the skin may need a boost from time to time, what ingredients would provide skin with a ‘boost like’ effect and the signs and symptoms our skin shows when skin is needing that extra TLC.


Clarins Boosters.

Clarins Boosters.

Clarins Booster “Energy”

We all lack in energy, that’s just life, we normally turn to coffee to helps us get through the day, although our skin can show the signs of tiredness and feeling stress, our favourite cup of joe won’t help you with the way we look.

The Energy Booster is somewhat magical in the way the product works within seconds of applying. It’s weightless texture makes the booster a delight to use with your chosen moisturiser or foundation. My skin appeared alive, energised and refreshed, skin also appeared more even and less blotchy.

Oozing with enlivening Ginseng Extract, a powerful herb that orientated from Asia that was originally used by Chinese doctor’s to treat patients which common diseases and infections. The benefit of using pure Ginseng Extract in skin care is a long endless list of beneficial properties. From healing to rejuvenating to collagen building, Ginseng Extract is an ingredient we should all be using.

The woody scent of Ginseng Extract is faintly noticeable from a close stiff, although I found it rather exhilarating for the mind.

With a couple of drops mixed in with your favourite beauty cream, skin is reborn, recharged and alive. A healthy, almost sublime glow is created from the full essence of Ginseng Extract. I recommend pairing the energy booster with Clarins iconic daily energizer cream.

Clarins Boosters.

Clarins Booster “Repair”

We associate the colour blue as soothing, repairing and cooling. Skin is sensitive by nature, but some of us are more sensitive than others like myself, I’m careful about what products I apply and have learnt what ingredients work best for me.

Next up we have the repair booster, the booster I tend to reach out for the most because of my sensitive, easily reacted skin. I like to mix a drop or two into my favourite facial oil at night time so I know my skin is going to fully benefit  from the soothing and repairing effects of the booster. Because of the natural brown hue from the Mimosa plant, facial redness is reduced and calmed thanks to the plants outstanding soothing properties.

Known as the “Skin Tree”, the Mimosa Plant is the perfect antidote for irritated, damaged skin. Our skin deserves a to wind down and relax from time to time, with the excess use of lotions and potions, our skin can reach to a certain stage where it doesn’t want to be pampered 24/7,
this Mexican favourite ingredient was originally used as an anti-aging product, this natural skin reliever helps to repair and desensitise skin blemishes, burns and wounds.

This hidden Mayan skin secret was widely used as an ‘SOS cure all treatment’ over 1000 years ago. Ideal for men too, if you work outdoors, the climate can easily swap and change during the day and unfortunately, our skin gets affected by the weather changing resulting in discomfort and dehydration, the Clarins Booster Repair would make the perfect remedy, helping to soothe, nurture and restore damaged skin from the outside aggressions.

Handle sensitive skin completely by adding a drop or two into Clarins Sensitive Skin Day Cream.

Clarins Boosters.

Clarins Booter “Detox”

The skin can become neglected, causing the skin to appear dull-looking, tired and malnourished, these are the very first signs of neglection when don’t take care of our skin. Although most of the time this isn’t done on purpose, we all live busy lives and sometimes we forget to look after the skin.

Last but not least is the Clarins Detox Booster, now this booster I can see becoming the most successful out of the 3 purely because almost everyone can relate to the boosters targeted formulation. The use of unroasted coffee beans grown in hot tropical areas of Africa unleashes exceptional detoxifying properties helping to speed up skin metabolism and increasing cell turnover.
The boosters yellow hue colour provides the skin with a hint of vibrancy and dewiness, making skin appear plumped and luminous. The sweet but earthy scent enlivens the mood

We associate the word “green coffee” as the next big slimming craze, Green coffee is a natural detoxifying ingredient helping to free toxins and impurities from the skin. Rich in antioxidants, these unroasted coffee beans prevents the unwanted effects of radical damage from corrupting our healthy skin cells.

10 times more effective than drinking the goodness of green tea, Green Coffee is naturally high in caffeine, helping to energise the skin, perfect for those who struggle to make their skin look awake at the crack of dawn. This Clarins Booster releases sodium, potassium and water from the skin making it appear plumped and smooth.

If you are a mad party animal, a night owl, or a busy parent, why not give your skin a full detox with Clarins Detox Booster.