Dermablend from Vichy: Revised With 3 New Shades

Vichy Dermablend: Modernised With 3 New Shades.

Vichy Dermablend: Modernised With 3 New Shades.


We have all heard of the famous Vichy Dermablend: the award-winning full coverage camouflage foundation that your either going to love or hate (Similar to the whole Marmite theory). With its ability to cover unwanted tattoos, birthmarks and acne scarring, you can see why Vichy Dermablend has become so popular with consumers.


Originally known as just Dermablend (now owned by L’Oreal/Vichy cosmetics) and created by Dr. N. Craig Roberts in 1981 to camouflage problematic skin. Vichy Dermablend was officially launched in the US, followed by Europe in 2004. This professional makeup range has obtained a successful celebrity following from the likes of actor Reece Witherspoon (Legally Blonde), Victoria Secrets model Tyra Banks and badass fighter Angelina Jolie (Lara Croft Tomb Raider).


With a soft relaunch from Vichy, Dermablend had a much-needed design refresh that is now modernised into a sleeker, more eye-catching packaging. The newly updated product range also includes 3 new colour shades in 05 (porcelain), 65 (coffee) and 75 (espresso) which I’m presuming was created by-product feedback from customers. The product itself is supposedly lighter in texture whilst still offering full coverage with the same bare skin feel.


Vichy Dermablend has also received a lot of love from celebrity makeup artist Lisa Eldridge that uses Dermablend backstage and in her amazing makeup tutorials. Vichy Dermablend is makeup artists N01 choice purely because of the products extreme lightweight coverage (I agree!).


I’ve been a massive fan of their corrective stick for around a year now, I like to use it in certain areas where my skin needs the most coverage like between my nose folds, skin around the tear duct and chin to help cover up my redness from a dermatitis condition. I start by applying the corrective stick on the back of my hand and using my fingertip to help melt and warm up the consistency a little making the texture easier to blend onto skin. As a whole, its creamy hydrating formula is really easy to blend.

Vichy Dermablend: Modernised With 3 New Shades.

Swatches: Nude (top) and Opal (bottom).


With its perfect tapered tip that allows you to apply the product directly onto the skin (depending on how warm or cold the actual product is), applying makeup never felt so simple and elegant. You can hardly go wrong with its easy to use application, just remember a little amount of product goes a long way. After all, Vichy Dermablend is a highly pigmented corrective makeup collection.

Vichy Dermablend: Modernised With 3 New Shades.

Vichy Dermablend: Modernised With 3 New Shades.


Now, if you’re use to applying a fluid type of foundation then this extremely favourable product from Vichy could be up your street. If I’m having a bad skin day then I would pull out the fluid version of the pack, purely because I feel this provides that little bit extra coverage than the stick version, so on better skin days I would opt for the stick, overall it’s all down to personal preference. Both products offer adequate coverage.


What I like about the fluid foundation is that its adaptable to your very own skin care products. From an effortless full cover finish to a sheer dewy finish, Vichy Dermablend can create both. If the full coverage from Dermablend is too much for you on those daytime looks or no makeup days, try mixing a drop into your daily moisturiser, you’ll be surprised on what a great team your favourite moisturiser and Vichy Dermablend make. You have just created your very own tinted moisturiser right there (I’m a genius me).


Vichy Dermablend is known for its brilliant long wearing formula that doesn’t require continuous touch-ups throughout the day unlike some overpriced foundations. I always find the longer you wear Dermablend the better it actually looks on the skin (browny points go to Vichy).

Vichy knows how important it is to protect our skin from the sun and environmental stresses (just take a look at their sun care range here)Vichy Dermablend offers a build in broad-spectrum SPF 35* that ensures your skin is fully protected whilst looking naturally flawless. *Although the majority of the shades contain an SPF of 35, shades 65 (coffee) and 75 (espresso) have an SPF of 25.


Vichy Dermablend created it’s very own setting powder, helping the newly revamped Dermablend  makeup stay in place throughout the whole day. With its finely milled formulation, skin isn’t left feeling heavy or cakey looking, but instead looking undetectable on the skin like no powder was ever applied (make it your little secret!).

Vichy Dermablend is widely available at larger Boots stores across the UK and online here. Dermablend is also available at buy a premier beauty Escentual here.