Wild Rose Collection from Naturally Active Korres


Wild Rose Collection from Naturally Active Korres review.

Wild Rose CC Cream SPF 30. 30ml. £26.00.

Wild Rose Collection from Naturally Active Korres review.

Wild Rose Face Oil. 30ml. £30.00.

Wild Rose Collection from Naturally Active Korres review.

Wild Rose Face Oil. 30ml. £30.00.

At the age of 8, George Korres began experimenting with ingredients and products behind his mother’s pharmacy counter, creating his pretend play area whilst helping his mum place product’s on sale stands.

During a big announcement, George opened up and said when he grows up, he wants to start creating his very own face creams. The Swiss cosmetic brand sales representative who was part of the pharmacy announcement meeting suddenly smiled at George as if he truly believed in what George said.

Lean Korres, mother of two is the chemical engineer for Korres and was the first ever person to be hired at Korres. Their popular natural yoghurt skincare line was developed and perfected by Iean herself, a beauty challenge that became a success.

In his early 20’s George began working at Athens oldest pharmacy with owner Mr Tzivanides cooking up natural, herbal remedies. With his new-found knowledge and deep love for herbal remedies, George started creating his very own formulas that his own friends tested.

4 years down the line Korres was born with a strict principal to keep the brand’s natural approach by using safe and effective ingredients; the use of certified organic ingredients; skin friendly products at the highest quality.

The Wild Rose Collection

Did you know that Korres first ever skincare product was, in fact, the Wild Rose 24-Hour Cream? Since it’s official launch this iconic cream became a best-seller for Korres, its lasting hydration and quick absorption are much loved by its beloved customers.

The Wild Rose Advanced Brightening & Nourishing Facial Oil

If you were stuck on what to treat your loved one then this beautifully-presented wild rose facial oil from Korres makes the perfect gift. Love in a bottle; this powerful, ultra-concentrated facial oil contains a rich blend of omega goodness and skin repairing Vitamin A.

The precious extraction of wild rose petals release tiny orange-red seeds that natural contain a pure dose of brightening Vitamin C. Collagen from within is regenerated, skin is less pigmented and brighter.

This particular vitamin is easy to obtain by various fruits and vegetables such as strawberries and bell peppers but applying a true vitamin-enrich product like the Korres wild rose facial oil is just as important. With the elegance and lightness of the oil, it’s passionate love fragrance dives into your nose buds creating a new-found relationship. The rose petals inside this magnificent oil reminds you of the brands naturalness and apothecary approach.

Korres Wild Rose CC Cream

Colour-correcting is a big thing at the moment, instead of applying layers of foundation why not opt for something light and breathable on the skin.

What better way to correct the appearance of uneven skin tone my using beautifully-formulated herbology CC Cream from Korres. Available in 2 light-reflecting colours, light and medium, the Korres wild rose cc cream is definitely something to tell all your close friends about.

Thanks to its light, weightless skin feels, the Korres wild rose cc cream’s canning, fresh soft texture allows you to blend the product seamlessly into the skin without having to worry about product build-up.

If you’re desiring a matte finish then look elsewhere. The whole idea of the Korres wild rose cc cream is to provide a fresh, luminous even-looking finish, skin that catches public attention because of it’s radiant, dewy appearance.

Korres as a whole has stuck to its heritage from day one by sticking to the natural approach to skincare, using the variety of herbs in all their products, creating skin-friendly, effective products for all ethics and skin types.