Discover Swiss Apple Extract with Coco VECI.

Discover Swiss Apple Extract with Coco VECI.

Discover Swiss Apple Extract with Coco VECI.

Discover Swiss Apple Extract with Coco VECI.

Discover Swiss Apple Extract with Coco VECI.

I do enjoy discovering new beauty brand’s across social media, there’s something exciting about it that makes me want to learn about the brand, their history and niché. First impressions are extremely important when promoting your own brand on social media, with thousands of newborn beauty brands popping up like no tomorrow, a new brand needs to act quickly on choosing the correct words and imagery.

One brand that recently caught my eye is COCO VECI: dark, mysterious and luring, with this Australia-born brands sharp, professional-looking but simple packaging, I was hooked from the very first moment my beady eyes laid eyes on the company’s Instagram page.

Share The Secret

Veci Skin discovered when researching the use of swiss apple extract, the skin’s speed of premature ageing reduced significantly, keeping skin looking youthful and radiant, for longer.

COCO VECI  had this magical ability to lure me into the product’s, wanting to discover and experience the “coco veci secret”, something that happens very rarely, I knew I had to get my mitts on Veci Skin. What makes Veci Skin so uncanny is the refreshing scent of lime extract in all the product’s (apart from the natural coffee scrub), Veci Skin’s creamy zesty fragrance unlocks the door allowing you to fully discover the brands’ unique identity.

Veci Skin 100% Natural Body Scrub #1

Nothing beats a high-quality body scrub that leaves your skin feeling baby soft and lightly scented. The Coco Veci Skin 100% Natural Body Scrub #1 is one of a kind, with the use of pure Robusta coffee exfoliates skin while Himalayan salt provides the skin with vital sea minerals leaving skin looking naturally radiant as if you had an expensive spa treatment. Coconut oil works in harmony with the coffee for an easy, spreadable application, coconut oil also helps to deeply hydrate and soothe the driest of skins.

I’ve tried various coffee scrubs in the past but I found them all a little too abrasive, but with Veci Skin, the consistency was just right in comparison with other coffee scrub brands. Perhaps the use of different ingredients and how the coffee scrub is stored and packaged could possibly change the texture or quality? Who knows, but one thing I do know is that Veci Skin has hit the nail on the head with their cleverly created coffee scrub.

Veci Skin Facial Cleanser #2

If you have been forever searching for a creamy cleanser that was so indulging and moisturising then please don’t look any further. The Coco Veci Skin Facial Cleanser #2 is like applying pure silk on the skin, with the use of rich avocado oil and balancing jojoba oil, skin is deeply nourished and pampered. Veci shares its secret with the public by announcing the use of rare swiss apple extract (PhytoCellTec Malus Domestica) in this facial cleanser that withholds anti-aging properties. If you love the sweet creamy scent of key lime pie then this exotic facial cleanser from Veci Skin is right up your street.

100% Natural Lip Balm

Indulge your lips with pure satisfaction with Veci Skin 100% Natural Lip Balm. Ultra-moisturizing and nourishing on the lips, the Coco Veci Skin 100% Natural Lip Balm is a product I can rely on when my lips aren’t feeling so smooth or supple, other lip balms seem to ‘mask’ the issue rather than actually treating them. Thanks to its non-waxy formula lips are intensely hydrated from the use of nourishing and vitamin-rich African palm oil. Moisturising shea butter deeply comforts dry, cracked lips while olive oil and soybean oil work together to promote fuller, healthy looking lips.

Natural Stem Cell Moisturizer

A moisturiser that’s like no other; restoring, hydrating and addictive. The Coco Veci Moisturiser contains a blend of rich emollients and natural butter to provide skin-quenching hydration whilst helping skin to retain moisture, reducing the likelihood of dry skin, common redness and skin irritation. Because of the all-natural formula, it’s consistency and feel on the skin took a few day to love, this is something my skin rarely experiences so it was a shock to the system at first. The use of jojoba oil and sweet almond oil balances oily complexions whilst rosehip extract promoted tissue repair.

The elegant, light texture of the Coco Veci Moisturiser allowed me to blend the product with ease and comfort that quickly absorb into skin leaving a radiant/matt finish. If you love a good zesty Summer scent, then the whole Coco Veci Skin Collection will not disappoint your nose buds.