Rodial Super Acids X-Treme Cleanser Review

Rodial Super Acids X-Treme Cleanser: forget those harsh drugstore spot products, say hello to this multi-acid complex, non-irritating cleanser from Rodial skin care.

Rodial SUPER ACIDS X-treme Cleanser Review.

Rodial SUPER ACIDS X-treme Cleanser Review. Fruit Artwork by Donna Kennedy.


Who doesn’t like a skin care splurge? Especially when it comes to cleansers. Cleansers are probably the most important step when it’s come to having great skin. To admit, I’m particular fussy when I go on a wild search for a new cleanser, it really has to live up to the hype that surrounds the product, and believe me, I’ve tested a lot of terrible cleansers in the past that have made their bed in my outside bin. One particular cleanser that has put a big smile on my face is the Rodial Super Acids X-Treme Cleanser; a powerful yet gentle exfoliating cleanser that’s suitable for daily use, with its silky gel texture that glides over damp skin seamlessly without the use of harsh skin surfactants that can strip away natural oils from the skin, causing more skin related issues.

Rodial SUPER ACIDS X-treme Cleanser Review

Kyle Raymond applying the cleanser onto model. This picture was taken from Rodial Youtube via Screenshot.

It’s different for a very good reason.

The Rodial Super Acids X-Treme Cleanser contains a cocktail of potent enzymes, tingly fruit acids and anti-ageing Glycolic Acid that works deep down into those troublesome pores lifting away spot-causing dirt + grime from the urban environment that surrounds us.

Glycolic Acid

A beloved ingredient by the famous Hollywood stars; derived from natural sugar cane and part of the Alpha Beta Hydroxy family. Glycolic Acid works by removing the outer layer dead skin cells revealing a brighter, fresh-looking you. This clever little ingredient also helps to break down bacteria that causes those pesky troublesome blemishes.

Pronalen fruit acids 

Pineapple, Pomegranate and Grape extract offer further exfoliation because of their naturally contained acids. Prozymex enzymes help to reduce the appearance of skin discolouration from past blemishes, pigmentation and sun damage.

The Rodial Super Acids X-Treme Cleanser can also be applied on the body if you suffer from occasional bacnc (short-term for acne on back). With its almighty powers of glycolic acid + fruit acids that work in synergy to kill the p.bacteria what causes acne, you will soon not have to worry with the uncomfortable bacne anymore. I particularly like to use the Rodial Super Acids X-Treme Cleanser if my skin is feeling and looking a little ‘meh’. I try not to use it everyday as I don’t want the product to lose its effectiveness as skin can sometimes get use to a product depending on how often you apply it.

A little tip from experience is to leave cleanser on the skin for around 5-10 minutes before removing with clean water, this allows the clever multi-acid complex to work at its peak. Skin was left deeply cleansed (not squeaky clean!) and I didn’t feel the need to double cleanse due to the products exfoliating properties.

You can purchased your very own bottle of Rodial Super Acids X-Treme Cleanser here.