Mankind Limited Edition Grooming Box

Mankind Limited Edition Grooming Box: probably the best grooming invention yet!

Mankind Limited Edition Grooming Box.

Mankind Limited Edition Grooming Box.

Beauty boxes have become quite a hit for the everyday beauty junkie, with a luxe variety of hand-picked makeup and skin care products for you to enjoy at the comforts of your own home without having to bombard your local beauty assistant for samples. We’ve all done it!

The boys and girls at Mankind have created the Mankind Grooming Box: a luxury grooming box that’s filled with only the best-selected products hand-picked for the modern gentleman that wants to look his best every day. As each Mankind Grooming Box is limited edition (this isn’t your normal monthly subscription package), you know Mankind are going to spoil you rotten!

Here’s what the October Edition contained (worth over £78!)

Korres Freshly Cut Fig Shower Gel

Starting off with luxury body care item. Everyone has that one special shower gel they like to re-purchase over and over, I know I do. Natural Greek brand Korres created the most beautifully smelling shower gel that’s infused with the pure sense of figs without using harsh chemical ingredients, the Korres fig shower gel will become your new best shower friend.

Get Jack Black Double-Duty Moisturiser with SPF 20

For that perfect comfortable moisturised feeling, this lightweight moisturiser offers the correct amount of hydration without overloading the skin with unnecessary emollients that can cause unwanted blemishes. With the use of Blue Algae extract and Sea Parsley, skin is instantly soothed and nourished from the inside and out.

Deciem Ab Crew Shave Gel

If you’re a regular shaver like myself then the Ab Crew Shave Gel will become your new profound love for shaving. This shave gel isn’t your normal bog standard product that you always find on special offer whilst food shopping, ‘manly’ infused with liquid blue rock that protects the skin from redness, blotchiness and irritations. With its unique scent of frosted North American citrus that draw fourths the senses of your masculinity.

Mazorin Working Late Eye Serum

Night owls please pay attention! Are you looking for that ideal eye serum to banish those dreaded dark circles? Then your search stops here. Because of its caffeine-packed formula, this eye serum makes the perfect product to take with you on your long travels away from home. We all know how caffeine provides us that much-needed boost in the morning, well this simple easy-to-use roller ball de-puffs and awakens those tired looking eyes within moments of applying.

Men-u D-TOX ‘Deep Clean’ Clay Mask

Good news for us lads! As we have more sebaceous glands than a woman, we tend to produce more oil, which helps us to produce fewer wrinkles. This may sound all so positive but it’s vital for us guys to ‘de-gunk’ our oily areas at times, the Men-u Deep Clean Clay Mask makes the perfect introduction for a less oily you thanks to its mineral zinc oxide content and mattifying witch hazel. Turn this clay mask into a quick morning face wash by mixing a little water into a pea-size amount, then apply onto wet skin working up a slight creamy lather for the ultimate deep cleansing experience.

Redken Working Wax Maneuver

For all you fellas that like to wax it up with the latest hairstyle trends, this water-based hair wax from Redken allows you create the most sophisticated hair look that fits your own personal style. Pathethol provides hair thickness while adding a sheen to the overall finished look. Rest assure dudes the Redken Working Wax Maneuver provides a long-lasting hold that lasts.

The guys and girls at Mankind have truly created something rather incredible! Find out whats inside the latest grooming box here.