Coffee Scrub! Introducing Bean Burst #BringYourSkinToLife

Coffee scrub madness! Lately, I feel like Instagram has been raided by a group of coffee scrub thugs with endless coffee scrub selfies. Coffee scrubs are definitely a “thing” or “trend” at the moment with a multitude of finger-licking flavours. With a new coffee scrub brand popping up every second sharing their own catchy slogans and enticing product packaging, I can see why coffee scrubs are becoming a social media craze.

Coffee Scrub Bean Burst Grapefruit Review.

The Story Of Bean Burst

Bean Burst was created when mother Jill (co-founder of Bean Burst) was unable to find a treatment for her son’s skin condition. As Jill began researching the web for a fix to her son’s condition, she was shocked to discover a number of toxic chemicals that were present in products we use today. Jill called for help from her friend Sarah, together, they created Bean Burst Coffee Scrub.

A Gift From Nature

This coffee scrub uses flavour-some Coffee Seed Powder as an exfoliant, the use Himalayan Salt provides the skin with oodles of minerals and vitamins whilst removing nasty toxins from our body. With a variation of essential oils used in every fresh pack of Bean Burst; skin-repairing Coconut Oil, sweet Apricot Kernal Oil, antioxidant-packed Marula Oil and base oil Jojoba, you can be assured that this particular coffee scrub company is completely 100% natural.

Coffee Scrub Bean Burst Grapefruit Review.

The Difference

Be prepared to get messy! Due to nature of the ingredients, if you’re not extra careful handling the packet, your bathroom will soon turn into a pigsty, although you wouldn’t experience a real body scrub cleanse from a synthetic-made body scrub, that’s the difference. It’s simple but eye-catching paper packaging makes your bath times that little bit special, although I would recommend transferring part of the contents into a safe, water-protected container due to the bag being paper material.

The texture of this coffee scrub felt somewhat gritty and dense but pleasurable, my advice would be to only use the product on the body area, you wouldn’t want to over stimulate your sensitive facial skin, having said that, you could always try mixing a little into your favourite face wash before applying, now that’s a good idea!

I’m surprised department stores such as Debenhams and House Of Fraser aren’t stocking this  (perhaps in the near future), you can purchase your very own sachet of Bean Burst for £15.00, you can even choose from a variety of 3 blends; zesty Orange, uplifting Grapefruit and invigorating Peppermint Oil.

Coffee Scrub Bean Burst Grapefruit Review..

Get your hands on a packet of Coffee Scrub Bean Burst here. What blend will you choose?