Clarins Body Tonic Treatment Oil Overview

If there was 1 body oil I would always go back to, It would have to be Clarins body Tonic Firming Treatment Oil

There’s nothing quite nourishing and ultra moisturising as a body oil, they can also have many uses; as an indulgence bath oil, glossy hair oil, a perfume when your on the go or, purely a fabulous body oil—there’s always a body oil for everyone, and I feel Clarins offers that.

Clarins Body Tonic Treatment Oil Overview.


I often refer Clarins to the ringleader of French luxury beauty, their products have always exceeded my expectations in performance and texture, the companies background and believes has always drawn me into the department store brand. I was even lucky enough to be invited down to John Lewis in Nottingham for a job interview a while back, but unfortunately didn’t pass the interview stage due to the lack of beauty retail experience.

the history
Clarins Body Tonic Treatment Oil.

Founder, Jacques Courtin-Clarins with a group of beautiful Clarins employees.


You may not have known but Clarins first ever product was a body oil by founder Jacques Courtin-Clarins, from then, Clarins had opened the world with pure plant goodness from the heart. Jacques Courtin-Clarins was interviewed in 1996 and said “Beauty has become an important element in a woman’s psychological make-up.”

Plant extracts are your best friend

Passionately made using pure plant extracts; the Clarins Body Tonic Treatment Oil is your one way ticket to smooth, supple skin, minus the horrible greasy, sticky after-effect like other body oils on the market (I’m sure you can think of a few!).

The Clarins Body Tonic Treatment Oil instantly melts into the skin like a dream come true. From the mint family comes Rosemary; helps tone & tighten skin whilst eliminating dryness from eczema, dermatitis and excess sebum production. Geranium Oil contains natural astringent properties, this helps prevent the skin from sagging allowing your skin to look and feel more toned and defined. Hazelnut Oil is naturally rich in essential fatty acids making it an incredible moisturizer for the body. Hazelnut oil also regenerates cells and strengthens surface capillaries. With its astonishing lightweight consistency, the oil wastes no time absorbing into the skin.

Who can use the Clarins Body tonic Treatment Oil “Firming/Toning”?

Interesting question! I would personally say anyone who is looking into buying a decent body oil. You don’t have to suffer from uneven skin tone or stretch marks to use this, but, with its carefully selected ingredients that help combat those issues, you might as well start nourishing and repairing the skin, even if you don’t see any visible damage.

When is the best time to apply the Clarins Body tonic Treatment Oil?

Straight after having a bath/shower; that way, your pores are still open from the steam, this allows the skin to fully benefit from the active plant ingredients.

top tip from mr. wharff

If your hair is in need of a rescue from harsh products and outside pollution then simply mix a pea-size amount of the Clarins Body Tonic Treatment Oil with water and apply onto hair, making sure your massaging the oil into the scalp and hair-ends. You’ll be surprised on what great multitasking product the Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil truly is.

The Clarins Body Tonic Treatment Oil is available to buy across all Clarins counters and online pricing at £40.00.