Gadgets & Accessorises For The Stylish Man

Gadgets & Accessorise galore!

Let’s talk about Gadgets and Accessorises! In the 21st century men are certainly trying to keep pace with women when it comes to fashion and accessorizing, both in a personal and professional environment. Unfortunately, accessories for men aren’t yet as ubiquitous as the many options available to women. Fashion designers are still tending to favour designs for the ladies, because of the bigger market they appeal to, but men’s fashion accessories are beginning to gain more of a foothold in the market to help men make a style statement, and add a touch of complexity to casual and formal clothing.

Here are a few top accessories essential for the modern man in order to complete look of the times:


Where once every man would wear a wristwatch for practical reasons, these days they serve more function as a fashion accessory than as a necessary timepiece, however the watch is still popular today and it takes many forms by way of proving its attractiveness, and by proxy, its owner’s!

Platinum and stainless steel watch designs are the order of the day in 2016, with more traditional gold watches and leather straps seemingly a little dated right now. Sleek and slender or chunky and feature-packed, the important issue is ensuring it suits your own individual style and will go with your clothing.

Top Stylish Gadgets for Men Watches.


Rings, necklaces, and earrings are all common accessories for today’s man and gone are the days when an earring would raise an eyebrow from passers-by.

Typically heavier and bulkier than similar women’s jewelry items, we are now seeing a trend towards minimal impact men’s jewelry such as understated ear studs and lightweight chain necklaces.

Top Stylish Gadgets for Men JewelleryTop Stylish Gadgets for Men Jewellery.

Wireless Headsets

Nowadays wireless headsets are becoming a common sight, both in the office and when out and about. Going wire free gives you a greater flexibility to move about as you please, taking them away from the domain of functional utility items to modern fashion statement pieces.

Modern cordless headsets will either use radio frequency transmitters or Bluetooth technology to transmit call data as well as music from mobile or desktop phones to your ears.

Top Stylish Gadgets for Men Headsets.


Although its motivation has been lost to history, the necktie remains an essential fashion accessory for men, and one that’s almost exclusively reserved for the male of the species. A must for dressy event, casual ties can also be enjoyed at everyday occasions simply to complement an outfit.

You’ll need to pick at least three ties if you’re going to work this look. One should be a clear dull blue or dark for formal events, one should be in a colour of your choosing that you can use for more fancy occasions, and the third can be a little more wild and novelty, for that drunken Christmas party each year. If you have trouble choosing the tie, try to go for a color that matches your eyes.

Top Stylish Gadgets for Men Shirt & Ties.


One fashion accessory that will never go out of style, the humble sunglasses have been part of every man’s essential armory for almost a century. Initially designed for practical purposes alone, they quickly became a go-to item for jazzing up any common everyday outfit.

Generally, men wear bigger frames than ladies since they are considered to look more masculine. This does not mean a gentleman needs to wear immense aviators of course. Pick the style that best suits your image or at least the image you’re trying to project!

Top Stylish Gadgets for Men Ray Bans.