The “Husband Friendly” Skincare Routine #guestpost

Skincare For The Husband: check out this very special guest post from Binita at Hidden Harmony World.

Husband Friendly Skincare by Binita.

Husband Friendly Skincare by Binita


The passion and obsession I have for skin care is borderline OCD. Today’s post is about imbibing the same culture in my loving other half aka Man of the House aka the Husband. When I look at his face, some times its difficult to look past his ingrown which are clearly visible through his beard, or congestion on nose or something else (I think, I will stop shaming his skin blues publicly). This is how I sold/ cultured him into skin care world. Also how I simplified his skin care routine and made it “Husband Friendly”


His idea of cleansing his face is in shower, let me rephrase, CRINGE alert under a shower! I found Context Skincare Cleaner which appeals to both genders and its creamy not foaming. He loves this cleanser, whilst I try to slip a balm to him least once a week however he still prefers his shower cleanse. My persistence shall pay off one day. Gradually warming up to the idea of wash cloth/face cloth/flannel.

Toning Pads

Specifically Acid Tone. My preferred for him, have been Peter Thomas Roth Unwrinkled Peel Pads or Nip & Fab Glycolic Extreme Fix. Oddly enough this man enjoys a slight tingle on skin, he describes it as a feeling of having pop rocks on skin (you see why I married this man!)


Spritzing to stabilize the ph level of skin after an acid tone, absolutely loves. To him, this translates to second shower by a can. Lets not go in detail with this one, as it drives me mental. The word “quick spritz” has not quite registered in his vocabulary.

Husband Friendly Skincare by Binita

Husband Friendly Skincare by Binita


Husband Friendly Skincare by Binita.

Husband Friendly Skincare by Binita.


Obviously a crucial step in ensuring key ingredients (Glycolic Acid, Retinol, Peptides and Antioxidants) reach deep within layers of skin. Generally, open to all serums I shove in his face nightly, as long as they’re gel consistency and not oils. One baby step at a time. Face Oils, this was the hardest sell. He hates the sticky, schmicky, tacky feeling. Basically he hates oily feeling, he loves clean feeling skin don’t (even ….makes me cringe). Introducing a face oil to him was like convincing a political leader not to go to war. Anyway, once his skin starts feeling like a lizard, he would reach for it himself.

Eye cream and Lip Balm
Husband Friendly Skincare by Binita

Husband Friendly Skincare by Binita


One Balm. Nuxe Reve de MielThe best, he has his own pot and I have mine. When we were dating he used Chapsticks that did jack to his dry lips, since I introduced him to Nuxe balm he has not looked back on lip balm front. A simple, moisturizing, light eye cream was ticking all kind of boxes for him.


Hands Down the MOST important step, where I have pestered into every cell of his brain to apply face, neck, back of ears, nape of neck or any exposed skin. Our choice of sunscreen is Biore UV Aqua Rich which is gel consistency, immediately absorbed, no white cast and doesn’t make skin feel oily or tacky. The best is yet to be revealed, easiest sunscreen to remove!!!

Ingrown Solution

Only one I ever tried and Love. Skin Doctors In Grown Solution. Heavy on Salicylic Acid & Alcohol but darn effective. When he asks me where is post shave/trim solution…..he is referring to this underrated fella.

This is going to be an ongoing learning process, one baby step at a time. I don’t want to push so hard in his face that he rebels. Ideally I’d like for him to want/need it.

How do your men cope with skincare regimes? Do they have one? 

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