Imperial Leather Newness: Just For Men

Imperial Leather. A brand we are all familiar with and have most likely used. Dated back in 1768 when Count Orlof discovered a perfume in London, Bonds Street, this unique perfume was created from the birch oil tanning process of Russian leather that was exported throughout various countries.

Cussons Sons & Co

This brand of perfume was soon acquired by Cussons Sons & Co in 1921, sooner after changing hands, the iconic Imperial Leather Soap was born that I’m sure we have all slathered our bodies with at some point. 1975, Cussons Sons & Co was acquired by PZ Cussons.

Imperial Leather Foamburst.

Ocean Dive with Foamburst

Experience a wave of freshness with the newly released Foamburst for Men.

Imperial Leather have finally stepped up their game and have unleashed an invigorating Foamburst for the gents. With the uniqueness of it’s gel to foam texture, the infusion of uplifting peppermint and deep pore cleansing sea salt makes shower times truly pleasurable. It’s gorgeous ocean blue colour captures the feeling of swimming in the sea as you lather up your body with a breeze of fresh fragrance.

Imperial Leather Bath Soak.

A Warming Spice for One

Soothe, restore and relax in a bath tub filled with a blend of warming Cinnamon and exhilarating Black Pepper. This muscle tonic bath soak from Imperial Leather is what our tired muscles desire after an intense body workout at the gym, straight from the kitchen cupboards Cinnamon and Black Pepper, think of warming home comforts. It’s red hue colour promotes a heart-warming, comforting feel as you spend every second in the bath tub.

Introduce something new in your bath and shower times with Imperial Leather for Men, men can enjoy a little indulence now and then too, why not spice things up with Imperial Leather.

Discover and unwind with Imperial Leather for Men, available online at Boots by clicking here.