FIT Skincare: Your Personal Skin Trainer!

give your skin a helping hand with your very own skin instructor, FIT skincare.

FIT Skincare Review.

FIT Skincare Review.


It’s great to see a male skin care brand taking it to the next level in terms of ingredients and performance. You see a lot of grooming brands that appear to be copying one another like a child in a school playground with the same old story, cheap ingredients and limited product selection. Some grooming brands aren’t realising that men are demanding new, interesting ideas, a wider selection with a bit less ‘macho’ approach and more creativity! This is where FIT skincare comes in–a high-tech, luxury brand that offers an array of skin, body and hair care products with a difference.

This innovative brand don’t believe in using low-cost ingredients purely because they don’t deliver–that’s when they decided to create OXY-FIT-10: the backbone ingredient within every FIT skincare product. This fancy ingredient fuels skin with nourishing nutrients whilst enabling cell regeneration.

FIT skincare kindly sent me their Moisturising Ultra Serum and I have been using the product for a good 3-4 weeks–I never like to rush reviews as you have let skin adapt to new products, this then allows you to see (or not see!) the true results.

There’s so much “active-ness” in this hunky bottle I don’t where to begin; amino acids, botanical extracts, caffeine, hyaluronic acid, vitamin A, B (3, 5, 6 and 9!) and finally takes a deep breath vitamin E. The product itself is pleasant and provides the perfect amount of hydration whilst leaving a matt finish.

Really, with all those skin-loving ingredients you would imagine the price to be quite steep–I’m not going to lie and say that everyone has £50.00 in their back pockets to spend on a moisturiser but if you was really looking for a high-tech moisturiser that worked then look no further.