Wingman: Grooming With A Great Cause.

Wingman: Simple yet effective grooming products that don’t cost the earth. Welcome to the world of wingman.





“to make life that little bit better” was the end goal founders Stu Jolley & Simon Maudsley of WINGMAN. This simple but successful plan to create a brand with high performance male grooming products for the everyday man became a reality.

WINGMAN is a no-nonsense brand that never compromises the quality in their products but strives to be different by being the best driven male grooming brand to date without looking or sounding all “technobabble”. 

British born and made by men for men; WINGMAN created a specialise 3-Step Skin Fuel System, designed for men’s skin only, this purifying, energizing range contains an array of friendly vitamins whilst the use of Ginseng awakens dull-looking skin. They created easy to understand products without the unnecessary gimmicks.

The Purifying Creamy Scrub offers full detoxification on the males skin using dried apricots to gently exfoliate removing all the unwanted dead skin cells that’s stopping the guys from having a perfect close shave. Pure Olive Oil is added to prevent any vital moisture loss whilst the skin is being exfoliated. The Deep Effect Face Wash makes a nice addition to the range, the use of Menthol gives skin that “deep clean feel” without the dryness, perfect to use on those rest days if you weren’t planning on having a shave.

Moving on to moisturise; the Wingman fellas created two types of moisturisers, an energizing version that delivers an instant wake-up call to skin that’s missing a youthful glow and a sensitive version. I have to admit, both of them are equally great for delicate skin but the sensitive version is the one I would pick if you’re more prone to irritation and redness because of its soothing formula of Aloe Vera and Panthenol.




The star of the shows have to be magnificent 3-in-1 Shower/Shampoo/Shave Gels. There are 3 seductive scents to choose from. Citrus Charge; the perfect energizing scent for that much-needed wake-up call in those “hard to get up” mornings. The second scent Jet Fuel; which unleashes true oriental and warming notes, this is the perfect shower gel to use on those cold windy nights. Finally, my personal favourite, Mint Boom! Did you push yourself that hard at the gym your muscles now feel all tired and achy? Well, with WINGMAN’s Mint Boom scent your body will thank you as it hits the skin with a shock of revitalising menthol. Menthol will also help to simulate the scalp if used as a minty, refreshing shampoo.

The World Of Wingman proudly supports Help For Heroes; for every product sale, Wingman donates 5p. Do you have any amazing ideas on how Wingman could help the wounded? Simply email to:  You can also discover the World Of Wingman by clicking here