3 Marvellous Lip Products For Us Gents

3 Marvellous Lip Products For Us Gents.

3 Marvellous Lip Products For Us Gents.

Lip products, something many of us tend to forget about as we focus on perfecting our skin. We should ideally treat and protect our lips like we would our skin, if not more. Our lips can be the tale signs of our age, not the exact age but close enough for the public to guess roughly our age. Like our skin, those delicate lips can become wrinkled and start to lose their fullest as we age, luckily we can slow this process by prevention.


Luxury grooming brand Anthony developed an irresistible yummy lip balm for you gentleman (and ladies!). Infused with lip-tingling mint, soothing white tea with the added resveratrol and SPF20 for protection from lip damaging UV/UVA rays and free radical damage. If you’re not overly fond of the common shininess you get from using a regular lip balm then fear not with the Anthony Mint & White Tea Lip Balm, it’s almost putty-like texture leaves lips looking matte and intensely hydrated.


It doesn’t hurt using a fuss-free lip balm, especially when you’re on a tight budget. The Lavera Classic Lip Balm is pretty incredible, with the use of organically grown and fair trade fruit and plant oils such as nourishing olive oil, hydrating jojoba oil and vitamin-rich soybean oil, lips have never felt so nurtured and comfortable. With the infusion of skin-loving waxes and emollients, lips instantly feel restored and pampered.


An uplifting and cooling lip balm from MMUK MAN. This wand applicator lip product targets the 3 core layers providing an unbeatable long-lasting hydration. Once applied, lips soon feel nourished and protected thanks to its non-sticky formulation, lips. The natural Peppermint Oil inside instanty soothed and restores chapped lips. This is my favourite lip product from the bunch!

What lip products do you like to apply when your lips aren’t looking their best?