Sun Protect with Rejuve MD Tinted Sunscreen

Rejuve MD Tinted Anti-Aging Sunscreen Review.

We all like to indulge in the sun, who doesn’t, the sun uplifts our moods and makes us happy, it’s a fact, but in the long run, too much exposure in the sun may cause unwanted skin damage, making us appear older than our actual age. Short term, the sun is actually very beneficial as it provides the all-important Vitamin D that our skin craves on a daily basis, giving us that much-loved healthy bronzed glow. It’s time to discover Rejuve MD Tinted Anti-Aging Sunscreen!

The Lowdown On Sun Exposure

Our skin ages naturally, we cannot change that, but we can prevent the skin from aging so rapidly by using an appropriate sunscreen. We have all heard of UV/UVA rays, the Sun’s ultraviolet lights, the culprits of skin damage. These UV rays damage skin’s fibres (called elastin), breaking-down the structure and promoting our skin to sag, discolour and age.

Prevention Is The Key

Prevention is pretty simple, but using the correct sunscreen is important. Although many moisturisers contain an SPF of at least 15, you cannot always reply on a daily cream to protect your skin from sun damage. From personal experience, use a decent day cream that’s loaded with skin-kind antioxidants and hyaluronic acid to deeply hydrate, then invest into a high-quality sunscreen with a minimum protection of SPF30.

Many people can get confused over the whole SPF understanding. The truth is: higher SPF means longer protection NOT better protection. For instance; you buy a sunscreen with an SPF of 50, that’s going to provide you with longer protection throughout the day, perfect for those days on the sunny beach or days mostly outside.

Rejuve MD Rejuve MD Tinted Anti-Aging Sunscreen.

A New Approach With Rejuve MD Tinted Anti-Aging Sunscreen

The great thing about Rejuve MD Tinted Anti-Aging Sunscreen is that it contains 0% chemical sunscreens, you don’t want all those chemicals disrupting the bloodstream potentially causing hormonal imbalance. Rejuve MD Sunscreen uses Zinc Oxide as its main sunblock; a safer, more natural approach in the sunscreen world that won’t leave you looking like a white ghost.

This latest innovation sunscreen is tinted in colour and formulated to prevent the skin looking like a white cast looking creature. I can truly understand why this sunscreen took 10 years to perfect and create, the texture is pure perfection, you will not think its sunscreen, doesn’t feel like sunscreen or smells like sunscreen… this is one mighty revelation!

New to the mass sunscreen market, I can see this anti-aging sunscreen being a big hit. Rejuve MD Tinted Anti-Aging Sunscreen is available here.