Extraordinary Oil Facial Oil and Night Oil-Cream

LOréal have definitely upped their game this year by offering the world with new and enticing luxury products on the high street shelves. It’s nice to see that LOréal are creating a broader range of skin care products in the market for different ages and skin types other than just anti-aging.

Earlier this year, LOréal launched it’s Extraordinary Oil range that allowed users to experience the wonders of 8 essentials oils inside the array of products created for the excitable Extraordinary Oil range.

With the combining essences of Lavender, Rosemary, Geranium, Orange, Chamomile, Rose, Lavandin and Marjoram. Skin is restored, softened and nourished from these 8 beneficial oils that our skin craves and needs to maintain it’s youthfulness.

Extraordinary Oil Facial Oil and Night Oil-Cream review.

LOréal Paris Extraordinary Oil. 30ml. £19.99.

LOréal Extraordinary Facial Oil

Facial oils tend to feel and look greasy on the skin, especially if you haven’t properly cleansed and exfoliated beforehand. LOréal have cleverly created a dry oil that doesn’t leave you feeling like an oily slick.

With its sensual aroma from the combination of flower oils, you could quite mistake the LOréal extraordinary facial oil as an expensive perfume. In fact, LOréal should create a perfume of this ‘extraordinary’ scent.

Lightweight and fast-absorbing, this wonder oil from LOréal leaves a beautiful glittering sheen onto the skin, making you appear vibrant and hydrated. As my skin is the combination, I was a little hesitant on whether how my skin would look after applying the oil, especially when I had a few errors to complete that day, I didn’t want to look like a ball of grease. My skin must of been dehydrated as the oil soon vanished without a single trace on the skin.

Extraordinary Oil Facial Oil and Night Oil-Cream review.

LOréal Paris Extraordinary Oil Sleeping Oil-Cream Night Cream. 50ml. £14.99.

LOréal Extraordinary Night Oil-Cream

LOréal have truly surprised me with this one. It’s incredible bouncy lightweight texture instantly melts into the skin leaving a beautiful inner radiance. With the luscious, mesmerising scent of royal jelly and lavender makes this oil-cream a true beauty sleep luxury.

The use of hyaluronic acid provides skin with long-lasting hydration in the night, biotin plumps, firms and promotes elasticity to the skin. Trust me, be prepared to wake up to a youthful looking you. This is the only night cream I’ve continued to use because of the creams ability to provide an almost instant result, overnight.

Nourishing and hydrating, the extraordinary night oil-cream from LOréal comforts and pampers the skin with its combination of nutritious ingredients. With the powers of an oil, all combined in a light-weight whipped texture. The use of argan oil and royal jelly provides skin with a fresh hit of intense hydration.