CULT 51: Coveted By Those in the Know

Insight On One Of The Most Talked About Brand, That is CULT 51

If you haven’t heard of CULT 51 then you are about to.

Working in product development for some of the biggest brands in the world, a cosmetic chemist, a hard worker, Richard Mears wanted to create a product that “does it all” rather than creating a range of products for specific individual needs.

Richard’s goal was to produce a cream that would take to beauty world by storm, Mears thought ‘out of the box’ and used his chemistry skills and strong knowledge creating CULT 51. Richard believed that common advertising for a product wasn’t necessary, the CULT 51 3D Night Cream was pure ‘word by mouth’. That’s the magic of CULT 51, those who have experienced, are the ones you need to be talking to.

CULT 51 Review.

Known as the “3D Revolutionary Cream”, you would expect this creme de la creme cream to contain a concoction of highly active ingredients, and so it does, but for the price of £100 smackeroos, is this ‘celebrity status’ cream worth all the hype and glory?

Texture Extraordinaire

Night creams are normally heavy and packed with unnecessary clogging emollients causing more harm than good. Inside the CULT 51, 3D Revolutionary Night Cream withholds a texture so buttery, sensual and light, you could easily mistake the CULT 51 Night Cream as a comfortable daily moisturiser.

With the sweet but subtle scent of jasmine, patchouli and rose, one whiff creates an unforgotten memory. Extracts of Gardenia welcomes you into a blissful field of Gardenia flowers. The use of Muguet flowers provides a welcome hit of freshness within the cream.

CULT 51 Review.

51 Benefits

You’ll probably wonder why founder Richard Mears named his creation ‘CULT 51’. This magnificent night cream unravels 51 skin benefits, something almost hard to believe from just using one cream, as if you would expect a total transformation.

CULT 51 doesn’t claim a new pristine face as such, the results are quite remarkable; the luminosity, radiance, the reduced appearance of noticeable wrinkles, everything appears alive and healthy looking as if you’ve slept for eternity.

CULT 51 hasn’t thrown in any old ingredient into the mix, it surely wouldn’t be called a CULT 51. With the use of age reversing Syn-Ake, a synthetic form of snake venom from the wild and dangerous Temple Viper that when attacks it victims causes muscular paralysis to the body, because of it’s effect on the muscles, scientist discovered that creating a non-harmful, synthetic version would provide a positive effect on human skin causing a ‘freeze like’ effect on deep set wrinkles, making them appear less noticeable.

CULT 51 also contains a high amount of peptides and amino acids, ingredients that bog standard night creams you’ll normally find on the shelves at Boots are without.

Instant effects

With the huge success of the 3D Night Cream, founder Richard of CULT 51 wanted to create a product that worked instantly on ageing skin, a product that would reduce the depth of fine lines and wrinkles within a blink of an eye. The CULT 51 Immediate Effect Serum works in synergy with the original Night Cream, like a knife and fork or two love birds, the excitable immediate effect serum was created to work in conjunction with the night cream.

CULT 51 Review.

Both products can be used alone or together, I like to apply the serum in the morning knowing that my skin is soaking up all the “CULT 51 goodness” ingredients throughout the day, I then like to apply the night cream as directed in the evenings.

The CULT 51 Immediate Effect Serum contains a cocktail of firming, skin awakening ingredients, perfect for those early morning risers struggling to find that wonder potion to provide an instant wake up call for their skin.

The 15 Minutes

The makers recommend you to apply a thin layer around the eye area and wait 15 minutes to see and believe the full potential, to fully test the serum I applied a thin layer on my work colleague who is also beloved beauty junkie like myself.

Within seconds of applying, we were both gobsmacked on how quickly reduced the appearance of her wrinkles became, from looking directly at Jackie’s skin, side by side, the results were very much noticeable. With the light, fast-absorbing gel like texture and velvet touch, skin instantly appeared more awake and alive thanks to the high dose of caffeine extract. The use of Soluble Collagen provides a skin plumping and firming effect by passing thanks to its small molecule structure.

Known as “liquid gold” Argan Oil provides a multitude of skin restoring benefits from helping inflammation, acne and scarring. This award-winning serum also contains extracts from soothing chamomile and skin calming calendula.

Have I tempted you enough to purchase your very own revolutionary pot of cream and serum? CULT 51 is available at