Arbonne Calm Soothing Facial Serum

Swiss Heritage, Pure and Botanical, Arbonne isn’t just another fad MLM brand.

Arbonne Calm Soothing Facial Serum Review.

Discover the desensitizing effects of Arbonne Calm Soothing Facial Serum, perfect for men and woman who suffer from daily and seasonal facial redness and sensitivity.

Arbonne began in Switzerland in 1975 when founder Petter Mørck followed his passion and love for the pure and botanical things in life. With help from top chemists, herbalist and biologists Arbonne was created, not to just develop safe, effective products but to encourage others to live a better lifestyle.

Arbonne might just be another MLM brand with millions of independent consultants all over the world, with some transforming into the top dogs earning big bucks from their constant hard work and commitment.

What about the products, are they effective? Do they actually work? Quite possibly. Arbonne wouldn’t be as successful today if it provided consumers with cheap, ineffective products that didn’t deliver a positive result.

Serums are often created for the mature skins, tackling pesky fine lines, improving skin texture and discoloration. When I heard about the Arbonne Soothing Facial Serum, I felt instantly drawn to the name, a product I could see myself using on a regular basis.

My skin can flare up depending on what I eat, learning what foods don’t trigger my dermatitis hasn’t been an easy ride, but when that unfortunate moment happens I like to feed the skin with de-sensitizing, soothing ingredients.

Arbonne Calm Soothing Facial Serum Review.

Your Skin Will Thank You

The Arbonne Soothing Facial Serum contains a blend of skin quenching, cooling ingredients to instantly calm and repair irritated, reactive skin.

With the use of pure aloe water and cucumber extract, skin is cooled and refreshed, the Alfalfa plant corrects and balances imbalanced skin conditions. The beautiful bright blue flower Chicory acts as a natural anti-inflammatory while liquorice extract reduces the appearance of facial redness.

The application dropper or droplet allows you to control the amount of product dispensing, but obtaining the product from the dropper can become slightly tricky due to the product’s almost gooey texture, although the consistency of the serum makes smoothing over the skin a pleasure to truly use.

It’s fresh-cut, straight from the garden cucumber scent provides an instant hit of serenity. Maximise it’s effectiveness by keeping the product cold in a refrigerator.

The Arbonne Calm Soothing Facial Serum is available to buy here