Bee Venom Skincare Got Better: New Drops Of Crystal from Manuka Doctor

Bee Venom Skincare Manuka Doctor Drops Of Crystal

Bee Venom Skincare With A Cashmere Touch

We’re forever searching for long-lasting youth, especially when it comes to our skin care, endless searching for the best possible ingredients for our skin, sometimes this can become costly although there are now cheaper alternatives that perform just as well as high price tag products (if not better!).

We all know how beneficial Manuka Honey is for our health and wellbeing; nourishing, healing and natural. The busy bees at Manuka Doctor have recently launched the all new Drops Of Crystal: a premium skincare line from Manuka Doctor focuses on the use of Pistacia Lentiscus tree, known for its healing and de-ageing properties, this evergreen scrub grows mainly on the Greek Island of Chios withholds hidden skin benefits that many of us are unknown about.

Anti-Aging Crystal Teardrops

There’s such thing as crystal drops, really! Crystal Drops is a precious oil extracted from the resin sap of a Pistacia Lentiscus tree, these crystal drops turn solid and start shaping into a crystal-like form, thanks to the power of nature, these special drops activate a protein allowing our natural aging process to delay. Pretty incredible don’t you agree?

Seduction From First Smell

Comforting, warming and delicately sweet, the Manuka Doctor Drops Of Crystal is something rather special. Its unique cashmere-like fragrance creates an inviting luxury feel to the newly released range from Manuka Doctor that I’m 100% certain you’ll instantly fall in love within the first sniff, you could quite mistake the scent as a new fragrance or perfume.

Cremé De La Cremé from Manuka Doctor

The Drops Of Crystal Cashmere Touch Cream from the beehive brand is pure sublime and satisfaction. This deluxe cream from Manuka Doctor instantly melts and absorbs into the skin like a relaxing dream. With the use of skin plumping Bee Venom, Nourishing Manuka Honey, and skin-repairing Argan Oil, you will no doubt feel lavished and comforted.

A powerful bi-phase facial oil, yet comfortably lightweight on the skin. The Manuka Doctor Drops Of Crystal Bi-Phase Oil brightens, hydrates and lightens hyperpigmentation caused by the natural process of aging, or being exposed to daily skin aggressions such as the damaging UV/UVA rays from the beaming sun.

The use of Chilean Tree Bark reduces the appearance of hyperpigmentation by blocking stress enzymes that we natural produce. Tomato Stem Cells play an important role in revitalizing the skin, giving it a brilliance shine. Tomatoes are also known to calm the skin from mental stress.


Bee Venom Skincare Manuka Doctor Drops Of Crystal


Everyone needs a serum in their life, using a serum daily can be so beneficial for our skin care needs. The Manuka Doctor Drops Of Crystal Cashmere Touch Serum is a must-have if your skin is feeling a little “out of place” and dull-looking, this instant firming serum from Manuka Doctor uses a fine concentration of rejuvenating bee venom and soothing manuka honey to enliven and re-energise malnourished skin.

With the use of native Indian plant, Cassia Augusifolia mimics the same effect Hylaronic Acid has by plumping and naturally hydrating skin. Perfect for all skin types that may need a little TLC, this sensational serum from Manuka Doctor is a product you need to truly invest in.


Bee Venom Skincare Manuka Doctor Drops Of Crystal


What’s even more exciting is that Kourtney Kardashian is now the brand ambassador for Manuka Doctor. You can follow her Manuka Doctor journey by searching #BeeingKourtney on Instagram and Twitter.


Bee Venom Skincare Manuka Doctor Drops Of Crystal


The latest installment from Manuka Doctor is available to buy online here.