3 Blemish-Busting Products You Should Own

Top 3 Blemish-Busting Products You Should Own.

Acnecide 5% w/w Gel. 30g. £9.98. La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume B5. 100ml. £13.50.

Top 3 Blemish-Busting Products You Should Own.

Zelens Z Detox Clarifying Foaming Cleanser. 150ml. £48.00.

The best anti-blemish products are a key essential for when skin decides to have a volcano eruption of lumps and bumps. While many outgrew acne after their teens, some of us (like myself) still have to deal with spots and blemishes on a daily basis (unlucky for us!). Remember! Age isn’t a number when it comes to zits.

Finding the best blemish-busting products around can be daunting and wallet-hungry. Don’t just pick up products labelled “for spot-prone skin”, do your research, read reviews and have common sense.

Luckily, Mr Wharff has carefully selected 3 products that will banish those ugly-looking spots and inflamed skin into thin air (well, not literally!). Just don’t send me the bill for the purchased products that did wonders.

For deep-cleansing the skin, nothing hits the spot more than Zelens Z Detox Clarifying Foaming Cleanser. The gorgeous, velvety foam texture glides heavenly over the skin allowing you to give skin a proper good massage. Glorious fruit acids from Apple, Lemon and Pumpkin really provides the ultimate enzymatic cleanse that will leave your skin feeling like pure Egyptian silk.

This next one is an absolute miracle worker! The La Roche Posay Ciciplast Baume B5 is a great all rounder product for when skin is misbehaving. You can throw away that tub of Sudocrem and enjoy “real” skin healing benefits with the Ciciplast Baume B5.

I spoil my skin with this stuff! It works an absolute treat on my inflamed dermatitis. If all else fails for cracked, dry skin I know that I can rely on the perfect pea-size amount of Ciciplast to fix the job.

At night, simply apply a thin layer over the problem area. The key is to use a very, very small amount so the product is able to fully absorb into the skin.

For zapping those pesky spots, boils, pimples and whiteheads, Acnecide 5% gel gets the job done quickly and effectively. Over-the-counter products are “over the counter” for a very good reason, these topical skin treatments aren’t to be messed with, unlike the ineffective tea tree/witch hazel spot sticks.

With active Benzoyl peroxide at 5%, you can be sure to erase acne in a hurry! I find it immediately brings under skin spots to a head. I like to keep a tube in my bag for when I’m away from home, you just never know when an unwelcome surprise appears out of the blue.