DHC Face Wash Powder: A Japan Beauty Secret

DHC Face Wash Powder Review.

DHC Beauty: The gentliest cleansing foam experience from the beautiful country that is Japan.

Discover a new wave of cleansing with Japanese brand DHC.

Face wash powders. Something I haven’t ventured into before, powders are often used in make-up to mattify, balance and de-shine oily skins, after recently hearing that face wash powders are becoming “a thing”, I was intrigued to get my hands on the a powder wash myself to discover all the “powdery” business with powder washes.

What better brand to discover a powder was other than Japanese born and bred DHC. Daigaku Honyaku Center was originally a leading translation company in 1972.

Mr Yoshiaki Yoshida the founder discovered the true benefits of using pure olive oil on the skin, knowing and seeing the effects olive oil had on his skin gave him inspiration on creating a unique skin care line that would be suitable for even the most sensitive skins, that was when DHC Beauty was born.

If powder cleansing is good for a perfectionist Geisha, then it’s certainly good for me and you. With the use of oil absorbing and mattifying corn starch, outside pollution, dirt and grime on the skin is instantly “hoovered up” from the skin leaving your complexion it’s best. Calming lavender soothes skin problems whilst honey mel acts as an anti-sceptic.

Even using a small amount is plentiful just don’t expect this powder cleanser to create a humongous foam burst, the DHC powder-to-foam cleanser provides a gentle light lather once in contact with water, as you apply the freshly created lather onto the skin, the whipped cream like consistency makes skin feel silky and velvety to touch, removing a product hasn’t been so simple and easy, I’m certain you will love its simplicity and elegance.

DHC Face Wash Powder Review.

Bubble Up With DHC

If you thought things couldn’t get any better with DHC cleansing then you’re wrong. With Japan ruling the crazy new creations it wasn’t a shock to discover the excitable DHC Bubble Foaming Mesh.

Ever wanted your cleanser to create that extra lather of foamness? Well now can with DHC. Simply wet the DHC Foaming Mesh with water, add your favourite foaming cleanser (preferably a DHC cleanser) rub with boths hands to create a mountain of foamburst (a little exaggerating there).

Simply hold the ring with one hand to wring out the luxuriously created foam with other hand. The foaming mesh makes cleansing rather fun, perfect for kiddy winks that hate jumping into the bath on those school evenings.

This magnificent Japanese creation cleanser is priced at a friendly £13.50. The foaming mesh is priced at bargain of £2.00.