ZEOS For Men: Get Stripping!

zeos for men: reveal the more, sexier you with painless-free waxing.


ZEOS For Men Waxing Kit review.


Hands up if you ever get that awful prickly, stubble re-growth on the body when you decide to take the plunged and shave with a normal razor? Suitable for all skin types even sensitive skin! This uber cool, grooming waxing kit is perfect for any modern man that’s wanting a boost of body confidence.

When an intriguing ZEOS for men waxing kit landed on my doorstep you cannot imagine what was going through my nervous precious head—I’ve never ever! waxed before and quite honestly haven’t felt the need to, so with no experience in waxing before I was probably in for a nice treat sniggers.

After hearing the tragic horror stories of home waxing I was feeling a little nervous using a waxing kit myself—although I was feeling positive and confident, I took the courage and gave the kit a whirl that ended with a pleasant outcome.

I don’t know why people quibble about this home waxing malarkey. The whole process was quite simple I’ll have you know—no excessive pain during the application but then again I wouldn’t call it painless. Just simply slot the wax cartridge into the docking station and wait for the included device to heat up (about 30 minutes)—this is probably the most important part of the process.


ZEOS For Men Waxing Kit review.


Once the wax cartridge has heated, you can then apply the product with the attached device onto your chosen area hooray. Now here comes the exciting part; in the ZEOS for men waxing kit you get 30 removal strips, just simply place a strip onto the wax part on the body and get stripping not literally!. The whole process was quick, easy and mess-free, what’s there to complain about.

You can purchased your very own ZEOS For Men Starter Kit at £29.99, what an absolute bargain.