HAUT Cosmetics: Superfood E3 Live Mask.

haut cosmetics: a beauty brand that is completely different from the rest, in a good way.

HAUT Cosmetics.

HAUT Cosmetics E3 Live Shave & Body Mask.


I like to search for new skin care brands now and then, lets admit here, who doesn’t! With all the latest technology that current and new big beauty brands discover, we sometimes forgot the little brands out there in this nonstop growing beauty world. I’m quite excited to share with you a certain vegan brand I’ve been following for the past month or two on Instagram–whilst we’re on about it picture fun Instagram, personally, I feel it’s the best new brand finder app out there, even when searching hashtag #beauty, you’ll be sure to find a new brand that you haven’t come across before. Instagram is pure beauty heaven!

Locally sourced ingredients always makes the brand that extra inviting don’t you think? HAUT Cosmetics was created around 11 years old by founder Joanne who was inspired to create a natural, vegan-friendly skin care range when she became very ill at the age of 23. This made Joanne rethink on what she was putting into her body–meaning meat, daily, sugars and processed foods.  Interestingly, Joanne became well again once these common foods were eliminated from her body.

Joanne didn’t like what her close friends and family were putting onto their own skin, so she created a complete new revelation into the skin care market with HAUT Cosmetics–as natural or vegan skin care wasn’t really a thing 11 years ago. Joanne has even gone all planty on her brands website–who would of thought, plant-based web design.

E3 Live Shave & Body Mask

I’ve been giving my skin a little more TLC than usual recently and this multi-tasking product has made the perfect fit. I simply like to apply this product as post-healing shave mask, by mixing a small amount of fresh cold water, creating the ideal paste consistency, it really does help calm any signs of irritation from a close-shave. With the natural fermentation process brings a new light into the word active ingredients, this allows the skin to take full potential of the ingredients giving you greater results.

so much goodness is going on!

With the use of deeply purifying glacial bentonite clay, soothing hemp, and matcha tea that contains an astonishing twenty amino acids and seven of the eight essential amino acids act as a natural exfoliant whilst improving skin hydration. Mesquite helps remove those pesky ingrown hairs.

Does the product deliver?

Although the consistency of the product was completely different to what I’m normally use to handling–after all we are talking about proper natural, vegan skin care, not mass-produced beauty products that claim to be all natural and that. You could say a product in a non-chemically touch form that has a total of 8 ingredients might sound to good to be true, but in fact, is possible.

This man-friendly product from HAUT Cosmetics is the perfect introduction if you’re wanting to venture into the 100% natural, luxury vegan market.