Truefitt and Hill Grafton Bath & Shower Gel

truefitt and hill: The oldest barbers shop around creates contemporary male grooming products. Made in britain.

Truefitt and Hill Grafton Bath & Shower Gel Review.

Truefitt and Hill Grafton Bath & Shower Gel Review.


Did you know Truefitt and Hill is the oldest barber shops around. Over 200 years ago, Truefitt and Hill was born by a perfectionist and passionate man named William Francis Truefit. Truefitt and Hill empower the true nature of British Heritage. William Francis Truefit styled himself as a hairdresser for the British Royal Court and had quite the fan base of celebrity clienteles from the likes of American singer Frank Sintatra, British Politician Winston Churchill, English writer Charles Dickens and Film producer, actor and director John Wayne.

Originally the first Truefitt and Hill barber shop was located at Old Bond Street were Williams cousin ‘Edwin Hill’ helped to set up, originally, Edwin had his own hairdressing business named “Edwin S. Hill & Co”, but with the William purchasing Edwin S. Hill & Co the two companies became one and that’s when it became Truefitt and Hill.

I kindly got sent the Truehill and Hill Grafton Bath and Shower Gel; the product arrived in a plasticky-bottle which was quite a let down considering how much thought and effort has been put into the brand itself, I was expecting it to arrive in a pristine, shiny glass bottle-the brands website doesn’t state about using plastic-bottles. I’ve got nothing wrong with companies using plastic but if you’re going to be spending £15.00 on a shower gel you would expect it not to just smell amazing but to look the part too and unfortunately, this is where Truefitt and Hill fell.

On a positive note! With its invigorating deep-cleansing fragrance that lasts on the skin several hours after is sure to catch the females (or male) attention from an overcrowded party.

Truefitt and Hill Grafton Bath & Shower Gel is available to by directly at Mankind here. Truefitt & Hill also have a large selection of other male grooming products such as vitamin shampoos, luxury shaving soaps, fragrances and skincare.