Fragrance for Men: Gruhme Welcomes No.14

The Gruhme No.14 fragrance is somewhat captivating, unlike its previous and original fragrance (originally launched on 18th December 2013) that offered users a ‘light hit’ of sensuality aromatic spice from the array of heart-warming ingredients from Jupiter berry, lavender, amber musk and ground cumin, to name a few, you can already imagine Gruhme No.14 distinctive smell in your mind, think sensual, sharp and inviting.

Fragrance for Men: Gruhme Welcomes No.14.

Fragrance for Men: Gruhme Welcomes NO.14.

Every fragrance tells a different story that can produce a positive or negative mind thought, have you recently stiffed a fragrance that always remind you of that broken relationship? Or a fragrance that raises your spirits when times are low, picking up those negative pieces and turning them into positives. A fragrance can have a big impact in our day to day lives.


You really wouldn’t think that extra 4% would make any difference, interestingly it does, while the original version Gruhme offered that distinctively masculine and sensual splash No.14 allows you to enjoy the fragrances character at a whole new level, just like learning and discovering something new from a friend. I also noticed the fragrance longevity increased, allowing me to use less of perfume.


Produced mainly in south France, Petitgrain Oil is extracted from orange trees using the tiniest green unripened oranges, distilled from the leaves and twigs. Petitgrain Oil is often known for it’s sharp, uplifting scent, something you can clearly smell present in Grumhe No.14 making the fragrance truly unique to others on the market.

Fragrance for Men: Gruhme Welcomes No.14.


Founder Rob Hallmark went through 50 pumps, all different shapes and sizes until he found the one that suited Gruhme, a pump that didn’t feel flimsy, weak or delicate but a pump that felt sturdy, comfortable with the correct amount of pressure to release a perfect dose of Gruhme.
The bottle was created to look sophisticated, clean and luxurious, holding the fragrance was also an important factor for Gruhme, no silly cheap designs. The Gruhme bottle is an absolute pleasure to hold, just be prepared to feel the masculinity and confidence.

Discover the fine fragrance of Gruhme No.14 here.