Avon Youth Maximising Serum Review

Avon Youth Maximising Serum: Unlock the full potential of your currently skincare routine with the next generation serum from Avon.


Avon Youth Maximising Serum.

Avon Youth Maximising Serum.


A serum that has the powers to “unlock” skin’s potential and receptivity to anti-ageing treatments‘. Sounds quite incredible doesn’t it, I guess just exfoliating to remove unwanted dead skin cells prior to applying a treatment isn’t the case anymore. Avon calls this  “the next generation in serums“, and I see their point, but does it really live up to the hype?

Avon Youth Maximising Serum.

Avon Youth Maximising Serum.

The new Avon Youth Maximising Serum contains an exclusive advanced boost complex which in fact, Avon’s the first to market. This little clever advanced boost complex maximizes the anti-ageing results of your pre-existing skin care routine. Now, when I first read this, it almost sounded a little “yeah. whatever”, but I’ve been applying the serum twice a day, in the morning, then at night for a good two weeks, and in all honesty, I think it works.

The idea of the product was inspired by the Nobel prize-winning research that is precise delivery of cellular cargo. You’re probably thinking by now Avon’s decided to create some utter rubbish just to flog some serums, but believe me they’re not.

Avon uncovered and found that vital proteins within our cells would decrease as we age, impacting on crucial nutrients meaning older skin cells cannot perform its duties such as collagen production and cell renewal to the full potential. The Avon Youth Maximising Serum premotes dynein; a motor protein that transports ageing cells that turns on a switch, enabling our skin to concentrate on working harder, not only that, the clever Avon Youth Maximising Serum boosts the levels of dynein proteins by 71%. If your still a little puzzled on what the product actually does, think of it like a key that has the ability to “unlock” any keychain.

I personally think its great for a well-known brand like Avon to have been inspired, and then to actually inject the idea into a product. After all, Avon are the first brand to have utilised the value of cargo delivery in cells.

The feel of the serum was lighter then what I’d originally expected, although this wasn’t a bad thing. The beauty of its texture allowed the serum to easily glide over skin without the need of applying pressure, instantly melting into skin, leaving no traces or uncomfortable residue.


  • Clinically shown to enhance skin cell turnover. Based on clinical testing
  • Clinically shown to boost the results of your existing Anew anti-ageing moisturiser. Based on clinical moisturisation study with ANEW Vitale, Reversalist and Ultimate
  • Instantly skin feels soft and smooth with a radiant glow. Based on consumer perception study
  • Within 72 hours, skin’s overall appearance is improved as fine lines begin to visibly diminish. Based on consumer perception study
  • In 2 weeks, dark spots begin to visibly diminish. Based on consumer perception study
  • After two weeks, 93% of women agree it dramatically improves the overall appearance of their skin. Based on those who expressed an opinion in a consumer perception study


It really sounds like an impressive serum, and so it is. If you feel your existing skin care routine isn’t doing what you have imagined, then maybe the Avon Youth Maximising Serum could be your new skin care booster.

You can pick up the Avon Youth Maximising Serum online here. Avon currently have a £5 off offer on this, you’ll also receiving a free beauty set that contains a tinted lip balm in Pearlescent pink, Anew Clinical E-Defence Deep Recovery Cream (30ml), Advance Techniques Supreme Oils Intense Hair Radiance Treatment (50ml) all inclosed in a beautiful bronze golden vanity case.