Clarins Double Serum In-Depth Review

Clarins Double Serum: Winner of 12 beauty awards, a serum that has probably taken over the world from day 1.

Clarins Double Serum.

Clarins Double Serum.


Since its official launch, there’s no doubt you’ve seen various TV commercials, advertisements such as banners and posters popping up everywhere promoting the latest Clarins serum, that is Clarins Double Serum. 

If you’re a beloved Clarins user that likes to visit a Clarins counter every so often purchasing your personal favourites such as the iconic beauty flash balm whilst having a good old natter with the beautifully dressed Clarins assistant at your local department store, there’s no doubt in my mind she has informed you on the cult Double Serum. (if you’re unfamiliar with the word ‘Double Serum’ then I would be a little concerned)

tHE rest is HISTORY

Clarins Double Serum.

Clarins Double Serum.

It has taken an incredible 6 generation serums to get to where Clarins is today with the Double Serum; starting with two quint miniature one green and red bottle in 1985. From 1996, the two glass bottles formed into one, adding two uniformed pump-action dispenser for an easy, perfect dose application. Clarins have also kept the “Age Control” slogan throughout the generations, making current and potentials users aware that Clarins have kept their promise and original idea of the double serum. Known all over the globe as the “complete anti-ageing serum“, the Clarins Double Serum contains an array of 20 plant-based extracts. Are you ready for the long list?

plant extracts + benefits

Starting off with Katafray bark extract that hydrates thirsty skin, Hyaluronic Acid provides instant hydration, Marshmallow root soothes + hydrates, Burdock relieves dry, irritated skin, Kiwi extract provides vital nutrients, Organic macadamia adds essential fatty acids into the skin, Japanese basil Organic perilla contains anti-dehydrating properties. From the wild rose family Musk Rose enhances skin cells, Maritime pine adds live into the skin whilst improving skin’s overall firmness, natural Arnica calms irritated, sensitive skin.

All away from an island called Chios comes Pistacia lentiscus that repairs skin’s own natural barrier function. Sourwood strengthens skin fibres and protects skin from daily outside stresses. White Tea extract neutralises up to 80% of free radicals, it’s proven by Clarins too. Developed exclusively by Clarins, Quinoa improves the corneal layer of the skin. Another exclusive ingredient from Clarins, Bocoa extract uplifts, re-energizes and stimulates skin. Avocado withholds amazing moisturising properties. (it’s also a delicious, tasty snack!). Lemon thyme extract helps to prevent skin slackening. From South Asia is Green banana that promotes collagen synthesis and firmness. Originally known as “Devil’s Wood“, Hop extract cools + soothes uncomfortable skin. Oat extract delivers a firming effect on the skin whilst softening + restoring dry, damaged skin. Finally! Cang zhu extract (exclusively created by Clarins) this white, bitter-tasting root grows in the mountains of China cleverly connects all of the other Clarins Double Serum ingredients, making them work at peak whilst improving skin’s barrier function thanks to the transmitting-cell molecular G-protein.

Clarins Double Serum.

Clarins Double Serum.



  1. Only one ingredient from the old generation has been kept to create the Clarins Double Serum, and that is maritime pine bark extract.
  2. Clarins plant researchers worked incredible hard and uncovered over 200 extracts of fruit, seeds, leaves, sap and roots, in the end, just 20 of the potential 200 extracts were decided to be added into the end product, that is Double Serum.

the DIFFERENCE in comparison to other serums on the market

Unlike any other serums on the market, the Clarins Double Serum combines the powers of nature + science in this beatifully-designed pump bottle, using the perfect dosage in every application, morning and night. The serums history was inspired by hydrolipidic film and skin cells.

the hydrolipidic film is known as the protective film, acting as an external skin barrier, made from our own sweat, sebum and water.

 So basically, our skin is contains X amount of oil and water. Clarins Double Serum uses oil and water-based ingredients (Hydric + Lipidic), meaning our skin will take the Clarins Double Serum with open arms. Both vials have a precise radio, 2/3 Hydric and 1/3 Lipidic, resulting in true, visible results.

Customers love the Clarins Double Serum, well after all, one bottle is sold every 30 seconds everyday.

Clarins Double Serum.

Clarins Double Serum.


The simplicity of its texture is what makes the Clarins Double Serum unique. With the consistency like a nourishing gel and the warmth of a comforting cream. The texture is in fact lighter because it contains a less percentage of lipid component.

The results

After 7 days, tested on 74 woman.

  • 89% of woman noticed a more radiant-looking skin.
  • 81% of woman saw a reduction of fine lines.
  • 86% agreed skin felt firmer.
  • 86% had younger-looking skin.
  • 90% of woman who tried the Clarins Double Serum were convinced the product is effective** (**after application)


Well, if the Clarins Double Serum isn’t the one giving my skin this flawless, pore-perfected dewy glow then I don’t know what is, but I’m 90% certain it’s the Double Serum. I’m 25 next year and luckily I don’t have any tale signs on skin ageing yet, my skin definitely feels smoothermore nourished, and hydrated to the point I have no visible signs of skin dryness. Although the ingredient mineral oil has had its beatings online, this bullied ingredient does appear in the Double Serum, I for one have no issue using mineral oil on my face, it is non-acnegenic and non-comedogenic making it perfectly safe to use on all skin types. Moving on, you’re really getting high-end luxury results from those truly remarkable plant-based ingredients day after day. My skin looks healthy as ever, new and unblemished. I guess with its captivating aroma that makes you feel like a million dollars, you’re going to treasure the Clarins Double Serum from day one.

I hope I’ve provided you with a good enough review to make your mind up on whenever the Clarins Double Serum is for you. You can purchased your very own Double Serum here, available in two different sizes, for a 30ml its £55.00, then for a luxury size of 60ml £69.00 (with a fantastic saving of £20).