Rodial Snake O2 Carrier Serum Review

Rodial Snake O2 Carrier Serum: the latest anti-wrinkle serum from Rodial that gives skin a ‘snakebite’ to remember.

Rodial Snake O2 Carrier Serum Review.

Rodial Snake O2 Carrier Serum Review.

This type of multi-pattered vicious snake found in countries such as Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia has been making some pretty big headline news over the years, known as the Temple Viper Venom, this certain snake species spends most of its life waiting quietly, almost motionless for its next pay to arrive. Little did we know that it’s life-threating vemon may help the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Everyone deserves that one luxury serum that displays all fancy in the bathroom cabinet, looking all shiny and pristine for our house guest to set their nosey little eyes on. In fact, you can never have enough serums in your life, they’re the products that provide our skin a much-needed boost when times get low, they’re an exciting part of our beloved skin care routine and contain the highest level of concentrated ingredients. What’s not to love about a quality serum.


Another great thing about using serums is that you can layer serums according to your skin concern. So for example, after cleansing I like to firstly apply a hydrating serum or facial oil such as the Rodial Stemcell Superfood oil followed by an anti-wrinkle serum, twice a day, morning and evening. It doesn’t necessarily matter in what order its all down to what suits your skin.


When the original Rodial Snake Serum launched, the UK went mad. With an extremely high demand for the Rodial Snake Serum and over 100,000 on pre-orders, this new concept of a serum was set for a big success, and so it was.


The Rodial Snake Serum isn’t called snake serum for any reason. This excitable wrinkle fighting serum contains an ingredient called Syn-ake also known as Waglerin 1 which is a special neuropeptide that mimics the effect of a southeast Asian Temple Viper’s venom that causes muscular paralysis upon contact. This snake biting ingredient reduces muscular contractions, making our skin appear more rested, less old-looking because of its skin-smoothing and wrinkle-reducing effects. Although the venom delivers an instant effect, the results fade over time.



You can always apply the product in targeted areas, after all Rodial is a targeted skin care brand for individual concerns. I personally find applying the Rodial Snake Serum on the forehead, around the eye area and smile lines is plenty of product usage for me. I suppose it depends at what age range you are and how many fine lines and wrinkles you may have. I’m 25 next year so my skin is starting to show the early signs of skin aging so I’d better get applying (and quick!).


Thanks to its O2 carrying formulation, skin is instantly plumped and volumised with its 3D effect. This beloved instant effect, raved by celebrities can last on the skin for 8 whole hours.


I would be lying to you if I said its absolute garbage, because it isn’t. One thing that needs mentioning is you don’t necessarily need a whole pump as it’s beautifully satin gel texture glides over the skin without struggle, you can truly see a visible difference after applying the serum onto bare clean skin, even though I’ve just started to develop those little wrinkle lines around the eye area, this snake serum from Rodial really does a grand job at smoothing away the visibility of my developing wrinkles.


As Rodial are renowned for their revolutionary serums it would be worth checking out what other excitable serums they have to offer here. They all work well together so if you wanted to serum layer (depending on your skin concern) then Rodial created targeted treatment serums that addresses multiple skin issues such as hydration, nutrition, pigmentation and ageing. For instance, if pigmentation and ageing are your main skin concerns, then the Super Acids Daily Serum and Snake O2 Serum would make the perfect skin care duo for those specific needs.

I can see the newly revamped Snake line becoming a big hit. You can discover the whole Snake collection here.