Anthony Skin care: 3 Must Have Essentials!

Anthony Skin care: 3 Must Have Essentials!

Anthony Skin care: 3 Must Have Essentials!

Anthony Skin care

It’s not common for a male grooming skin care brand to take me by surprise. This particular male skin care brand comes all the way from America that offers so much more than your ordinary grooming brand on the market. Allow me to introduce you to the must have essentials from Anthony skin care (formally known as Anthony Logistics).

Based in the heart of New York City, Anthony skin care offers so much more than your bog standard male grooming brand, with its high-tech product performance, fascinating ingredients usage and brightly coloured products, Anthony is definitely a brand to discover. The brand have just celebrated their 15th year anniversary, and what a big applause they sure deserve.

Prostate Cancer Research

Anthony Skin care: 3 Must Have Essentials!

Anthony Skin care: 3 Must Have Essentials!


The respectful grooming brand also support Prostate Cancer Research: did you know that 1 out of 8 men will at some point in their life’s get prostate cancer, and unfortunately coloured men are more at risk. Anthony skin care supports this much needed study by donating a portion of its profits to Prostate Cancer Research.

Anthony Skin care Algae Facial Cleanser 

With its bright blue ocean-like colour and aquatic sweet fragrance, everything just felt so calming and restoring. The use of Azulene; an anti-inflammatory and potent antioxidant delivers calm and restful skin. Natural Lavender extracts soothes and desensitize skin irritations from current blemishes and redness. The wonders of Rose hip oil makes everything that little softer and nourishing. Take extra advantage of this face cleanser by leaving it on the skin like a mask for 5-10 minutes, this allows the ingredients to work more effectively into the skin. Just be prepared for the most moisturised, soothed skin.

Anthony Skin care Purifying Astringent Pads

If you suffer from that unwanted oily slick throughout the day then help is at hand with Anthony Skin care. The Anthony Skin care Purifying Astringent Pads contain ingredients that only your oily pores would have nightmares about; each every 60 pad is pre-soaked with the likes of toning Witch Hazel, mattifying Azeloglicina and calming Aloe. The Anthony Skin care Purifying Astringent Pads make the perfect travel essential when your either sat behind a computer screen or on the go rushing around in a polluted city, which isn’t necessarily good for the skin. Just one pad a day keeps oily shine at bay. I’d imagine the Anthony Skin care Purifying Astringent Pads can become a huge sell out in the summer seasons.

Anthony Skin care Facial Scrub

Life isn’t complete without that special facial scrub, but finding that very special one can become a challenged. Anthony Skin care Facial Scrub is free from those sharp, skin-dangerous microbeads and grits that can make skin problems worse, instead, this citrusy, uplifting facial exfoliator uses skin brightening Vitamin C and Bora Bora White Sand as its exfoliant to gently remove the traces of troublesome dead skin cells from the surface. Apply the product onto slightly damp skin to allow the products ingredients to penetrate effectively on the skin, then carefully massaging the product for a good 2-3 minutes. You could always leave it on the skin for a good 5-10 minutes transforming this delightfully facial scrub into an energising, nutritious face mask, either way your going to love it. Writing about the product makes me want to run into the bathroom and start using it! Just a little warning; I would avoid using the Anthony Skin care Facial Scrub on inflamed acneic skin.

Anthony Skin care really did live up to my first expectations (if not more!). Your getting the best formulation of quality ingredients in each and every Anthony Skin care product. Out of the 3 products above I would recommend for you to experience first would be the almighty facial scrub without a doubt, I particularly like to use this after working up a sweat at my local gym, you can also apply this product all over the body area for that ultra uplifting deeply cleansed result.

These deletable 3 must-have grooming essentials from Anthony are all available to buy at my favourite online shop Mankind here.